Take the challenge -- Organize the Photos in 10 Minutes a Day!

"Are you kidding? 10 minutes a day to organize the photos? I haven't done a thing since my high schooler was in pre-school." If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. At Give Me 10, we're all about tackling those projects that are just so overwhelming we've avoided them for way too long. Organizing the photos is a perpetual challenge and probably the #1 goal among people who attend Give Me 10 workshops. For something that's supposed to bring joy, photos sure can be a pain in the neck. Why do we hate the thought of organizing them so much?...more
This. Is. Awesome.more

Build your own Spice Rack (pt 1)

I'm not that handy, friends, when it comes to building things. If it involves a drill and a wall and a picture frame, I'm AWESOME at it. If it involves a drill and wood and a saw and measuring acurately and patience, I'm not as awesome. Usually, my impatience wins, and I end up with a crappy looking poorly-made project. This spice rack was about to meet that same fate- two boards, hung hapazardly on a wall....more

The imperfect part of love

If you are wishing to find out more about the person you love, and how compatible you’ll be with them for life, build something with them. Nothing tests patience, character and understanding as working together on a home project. ...more

that's the great part of love, learning to live and love the imperfections of each other.more

Right-Sizing A Home Improvement

by Sarah Welch and Alicia RockmoreWho doesn’t salivate at the thought of a sparkling new kitchen or a luxurious new bathroom? We both do! I (Sarah) even have three scrapbooks chock-full of clippings from shelter magazines like Veranda and House Beautiful with her “dream” kitchen, bathroom, and home office. A girl can dream, right?...more

Screen in porch.

We're looking to do a screen in porch. The plan is to turn a covered porch into a screen in porch. Any ideas out there?-Dayne and Jayne...more