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Classic Myths to Read Aloud: The Book

Classic Greek and Roman Mythology as a Learning Tool ...more

How Do You Handle an Advanced Reader?

So, what do you do with an advanced reader?My oldest is eight, and I recently realized that he reads at about a high school level. While I'm delighted on one level, I'm realizing that this creates a new problem. How much should I monitor his reading?...more

I have struggled with this same problem ever since my 9 year old was 5.  By the middle ...more

Would Someone Please Explain the "Home" Part of Homeschooling to Me Again?

On occasion, I've been drawn into discussions with people who are not involved with homeschooling.  If they do not understand how homeschooling works, I attempt to answer their questions cordially. It seems, however, that some assume my children never leave the house or see the world....more

Beginning of a Journey

"The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart, a good conscience and a sincere faith." 1 Timothy 1:5 (ESV)As I start this blog I have to keep reminding myself that the main goal I have in even doing this is serving the LORD.  If it does not serve Him then why do I even bother....more

Dickens at Christmastime

Charles Dickens and his enduringly popular tales really remind me of Christmastime and have become a part of our homeschooling schedule, for this time of year.  The obvious connection here would be with Dickens’ story, A Christmas Carol.  This year another movie adaptation of the story has been released, by Disney – the story lives on and is relevant for people in our modern age, just as it was for people during the Victorian Era. ...more

Homeschool Help: Usborne Books

When I sat down to try and develop my son's curriculum this year I was stumped. I knew I couldn't afford to my a "curriculum in a box" so I needed to be creative! I mean just last week I ... maybe, last month... Oh, I've got it! About two months ago... Okay, so I'm not creative. Sue me or send HELP, either way. ...more

Why I Chose To Homeschool

This is my first attempt at blogging so forgive my newbieness. I am the proud mother of three children ages 8,6, and 4.  The oldest is a boy and the other two girls. I wanted to share my homeschooling journey which seems to differ from so many out there.  The choice to homeschool was not an easy one for me.  I was a mom who was working mom, with little desire to not follow the traditional send your kids off in the morning and help with homework in the afternoon.  That was until I understood what that meant for my kids. ...more

4 Kiddo Homeschool

Hi Everyone! These projects can be seen at my homeschool blog:, but I thought I would post it here too, for your enjoyment!  :) This is a project I decided to conduct: ...more

people that don't let u get a word in........AAARGHHHH

so here i am on the phone with this woman i have met once - thanx to my son needing to socialize, he's homeschooled....this is our 3rd conversation, phone, and i just can not say anything - SWEAR TO YOU - this entire conversation has consisted of 'uh, huh', 'wow', 'um hmm', for an hour now....i begged my son to call his friend (the mom is who i'm talking to) to tell him one simple ass thing - but no, now i'm stuck on the phone - I literally now her entire family heritage, right now she is discussing her grandfathers scotish ancestors....are you friggin kidding me??? ...more