14 Books On Video for Early Readers

Revisiting my favorite books from when I was a kid might be one of my favorite parts of being a parent. Remembering how much I related to some of the characters when I was a child is like revisiting the past. Watching Pie now find her own connection to those characters is something that will never get old for me. Growing up in the digital age is much different for her than it was for us 80's kids. However, some of the 80's video versions of those books are way better than today's. ...more
dailymomtivity We love using youtube for stories when we're on the road or can't get to our ...more

Early Reading Books - Four Favorite Heart Warming Stories

Way back before Pie was born we started our collection of story books and board books. Some were given to us by our family, others we found while thrift shopping, and even more at local consignment shops. We have a very extensive library at home but that never stops us from visiting our local library for titles we don't own. Some of Pie's favorite stories are pretty heart warming and they might be some of my favorite kinds.  ...more

Homeschooling Product Reviews: Curriculum & Books

We are going on to finish our 6th year of homeschooling, and we have used quite a few homeschool curriculums by now.  When I first got started, I was pregnant with our 3rd child, had just moved an hour away from where we thought we were going to raise our kids so we had a big fat ZERO community around us, and I had never homeschooled before....more