Heroic Homeschoolers

 We tried homeschooling and it was nothing that we had expected.  Did we learn a lot?  Yes.  Did she learn a lot?  We have absolutely no idea.  We just weren't cut out for that...http://planbust.blogspot.com/2014/10/hats-off-to-homeschoolers-who-arent......more
Thank you for sharing your short stint into the homeschooling world.  It is good to know ...more

Don't Do It!

Normally, I don’t write anti-school blogposts. Many wonderful families who love their children use the school system and many more see school as their ticket to the American Dream. That’s fine. I’m usually perfectly okay with people making decisions that differ from mine.But this time of year, I have twinge that doesn’t want to go away. It persists for about a month or so. I’m sure it’s exacerbated by all of the hoopla surrounding all the Back-to-School sales. Something in me wants to step into those shopping aisles, turn to those moms with their supply lists, and say, “Don’t do it.”I know the reactions that would get. The raised eyebrows. The defensive posturing. I hear those mothers who loudly announce to each other, “Only four more days…” With their kids within earshot, we all know the rest of that statement, “…until they go back to school and get out of my life.”I also know there have to be mothers in those stores who don’t agree. Something is tugging at them to maybe explore something else for their child. They are mothers who want more time with their sons and daughters. Mothers who see their own family as the most important unit, and not their child’s homeroom teacher and class. And these are the mothers I want to lean over to and say, “Don’t do it.”For years, these mothers have been conditioned to stop questioning the status quo, get back in line and ignore their gut about keeping their kids home. Quickly they rationalize that sending them to school is The Right Thing To Do. All of the pro-school marketing comes flooding back into their heads....more

Free Book to help Teens and Pre-teens with Problems

Toula Gordillo (Talk to Teens)www.talktoteens.com.au Hello...more
Hi Toula, just a thought, The story of "plato's cave" may be of benefit to those feeling ...more

How Do I Know If I Should Homeschool My Kids?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My husband really wants me to homeschool our two children, ages six and eight. I am a SAHM so I have the time, but I don't see what's wrong with public schools. He thinks they would benefit academically, and maybe they would, but I worry they'd suffer socially. I also worry that my mental health would suffer, but maybe I'm wrong. Is there any way to know if homeschool is a good fit for us?Signed,Am I Homeschooling Material?...more
This is awesome advice. And real it is important to safeguard your time. You can't have momma ...more

14 Ways to Promote Reading at Home

We're often asked how we taught Pie to read at such an early age (at about 3 and a half she started on sight word books).  Perhaps they are hoping to hear about our super top-secret magic trick, but the truth is we just read... a lot. Every single day, without exception, we read around and with Pie and now she reads around and with us. ...more