5 main reasons why we are Homeschooling!

The first question we are often asked or the question that people most want to ask is: why homeschool? We originally went down the formal school route so the surprise and questions over our sanity came flowing from all corners when we announced our decision to embark on our homeschool journey. For us it just wasn't working for our family, the kids had a fairly long journey to and from school and with homework the day was longer then most people work, they were constantly exhausted. They were also fundamentally not happy and had definitely lost their spark and enjoyment when it came to school...we just thought that there had to be a better way, a better fit for our family.......more

Homeschooling - Where to start...

Homeschooling is the Mount Everest of topics and one I spent sooooooo many hours and days and weeks and months (you get the idea) thinking and researching about before we took the leap and started our homeschool.Whilst I totally recognise that homeschooling may not be the right fit for all families, if you are just entering or at the considering stage it can be overwhelming to begin with. The experiences and the chance to see your kids flourish is amazing.  I'm going to share our experiences and some lessons learned with you over a series of posts with my guide to homeschooling, selecting curriculums, helping with resources and providing how-to guides, top 10's as well as reviews of good products to use along the way!One of the first critical decisions is which curriculum? Whether to go with a literature or textbook based curriculum, this is a hot topic which is hugely debated in so many forums....more

Operation Christmas Child

My children are part of a scouting group called Adventurers through our church. It's scouting with a religious component. They earn badges and learn about the world all through the lens of a Christian worldview. It all boils down to "learning more about Jesus."That's what I have to remind myself when I get tired of driving them to Knoxville for this club's meetings twice a month. It's easy to get swallowed up in details about logistics, uniforms, badges that must be sewn onto their sashes etc and forget we are simply doing this in order to learn more about Jesus Himself....more

The Clay vs The Seed

The ClayA lump of clay has the potential to do or be almost anything, but until the intent, creativity, and pressure of a higher being is applied, it just sits there. Generally it quite willingly gives to that pressure and molds to the shapes desired, but if left to its own devices, it will just sit on the table, inert, with no ideas or motivation or momentum of its own. With the steady and goal-oriented guidance of more intelligent hands, it can be shaped into a thing of beauty and purpose.The Seed...more

Home Sweet Homeschool

So now there are three. Three homeschooled teens out of five total kiddos. Evan and PJ LOVED traditional high school, and thrived there. Indeed, had they chosen to homeschool I cannot say if they—or I—would have survived the experience. Both boys were wont to procrastinate about assignments until zero hour (or beyond). When Evan was in fifth grade, he completely blew off a book report, a diorama affair involving shoeboxes, construction paper and glue. Not only did he not make his diorama, he didn’t even bother to read the book. To teach him a lesson, I marched him into class, empty-handed....more

The slow death of my previous reading habits

[Breathes deeply]There are a number of ways one can sink into despair when one is busy with the business of small children. Especially when one is also homeschooling them. And running a business....more

Today's everyday poetry: reading time


Charlie and the clueless library staff

I try very hard not to think negatively. It's an experiment. I'm told being kind is good for me. I'm trying it. It's work. I mean, hard work. And if you know me, you know why. I believe I hold the world record in withering flash criticism.I bitch. A lot.Whence my experiment in kindness and positive thinking (not the "I CAN DO THIS!" kind of positive thinking, the "absence of negative thinking" kind).BUT!!! It's hard......more

Aiming for Mastery

This time of year, many homeschool moms start discussing mastery.How do you know when students have mastered a subject and are ready to move on to the next level? Some experts recommend that you complete at least 75% of a textbook to consider it credit-worthy.But, what if you don’t use a textbook? Or, what if you switch curriculum mid-year?...more

June Window Transparency - Free Template

This month, I tried to use more kite paper and less silhouette in my June window transparency....more