Taking Out the Trash

About once a year, we arm ourselves with trash bags and walk through our neighborhood to pick up trash. We probably should do it more often. Maybe we will, as the kids get older....more
Do you just do it as an individual or did you start as a community activity?more

Monosyllabic Answers vs. Full Sentences

For my son's yearly checkup, we took him to the pediatrician who has seen him since he was one day old. It's one hour away from home, but it's worth it. We make a day of it, or half a day of it. Everything looked great and the doctor especially remarked how well-spoken my son was....more

Illusion vs. Reality

I have been reading Don Quixote and one thing is for sure: this book is about illusion vs. reality, which is a human dilemma through and through. At first, I saw myself in Don Quixote. Now, I see other people in him. Events in different people's lives can be a certain way in their minds, when the reality is completely different.What does all this have to do with homeschooling?...more

Sex Education for Homeschoolers

In my forthcoming book, 101 Tips for First Grade Homeschooling, I wrote a whole chapter on sex education for homeschoolers. Here's a brief summary: you want to start early and with age-appropriate conversations brought upon by their own questions OR by books which you read to them....more

Letter to A Teacher

Teachers can make or break a student. They have a lot of power. Homeschooling teachers wield even more power over their students, because homeschooling teachers are the parents of their students. It is a deep relationship, one which can go really wrong or infinitely well....more

Long Live the Library

A quick post to show off a picture of our children's craft time at the library last summer, during one of the workshops for the Summer Reading Program. I cannot say enough about how much we enjoy going to the library, getting books and doing crafts throughout the year, not just during the summer....more
It's one of my absolute favorite places. We use our library for borrowing books, movies, and now ...more

Ripley's Aquarium Science Classes

We have been attending science classes for homeschoolers at Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies for three years now. The first year, I left my daughter home with my husband and took my son to the class. He was in kindergarten. He got bored in the beginning. He told me he would like to leave once or twice....more


Gatlinburg has attracted a new multi-million dollar development called Anakeesta. We happen to live in Gatlinburg. The changes might affect us indirectly, as hundreds of jobs will be created, more traffic will have to be juggled (if such a thing is possible in our small town with big city traffic), and familiar sites will be transformed....more

Sabbath Schooling

Several homeschoolers I know homeschool for six weeks and then they rest on the seventh week. They call it Sabbath Schooling. I like it. I sort of do it, but I don't rigidly stop teaching on the seventh week. Sometimes it is on the ninth week, based on what we have going on. For instance, if we are learning a new math concept and have momentum under our wings, I will not stop just because the seventh week started....more