Loving Our Homeschool Co-op

I have fond memories of attending Montessori preschool when I was a child. I really wanted L to have the same experience but it's not realistic at the moment. While there is a Montessori school in town, it's five days a week and not within our budget at the moment. If I'm really honest with myself, even if money were not an issue, I'm not ready for her to be gone from me five days a week. She is still only two--if only for another month and a half....more

Preschool at Home

Janet Costellowww.iblog4boys.blogspot.comOne of reasons we ended up homeschooling was the process of looking at preschools. It wasn't that they weren't good. They were fine. I saw everything from Montssesori to highly academic, highly recommended programs. I saw the free programs offered by my district, and expensive programs and several in the middle. I had lots of experience from choosing schools for Ethan. ...more

In Defense of Gifted Children

Before you get all huffy, hear me out:I don't believe that my children are "gifted" (or "advanced" or "exceptional"). I don't believe that anyone's children should be labeled "gifted", because that label defaults other children to be "non-gifted" or "delayed" or "un-exceptional". How is that fair? Don't all of our children have gifts? Isn't that the miracle of children - that they arrive with this passion to DO, to GO, to LEARN - despite our best efforts to make them stop, slow down, and be quiet?...more

Kids and Learning

Parents get fierce about the way they parent, the decisions they make for their kids, and their (misguided) belief that their way is the ONE RIGHT WAY.  A (misguided) belief, it seems, that many will defend with their last breath.I don't have a lot of patience for that.  I prefer to avoid the vitriol.Why?  Because there is no one right way.  For anything.  Spend some time with kids and they will teach you all of the thousands of different ways there are to learn, grow, love, believe and share.  That is, they will if you let them....more

Homeschooling the Preschooler

I'm not ready to send Athena to school. I'm just not. And you know what? I might not be ready to send her next year either. But hey haters, that doesn't mean that she's going to be behind. I'm using some of that crazyweirdhippie homeschooling that runs rampant in my family. And guess what... it's going amazingly! My first homeschooling purchase was this book: ...more

Fatigue and the Green Quest

Running on four hours of sleep today with an abbreviated crew, I have serious motivation issues.The plan for quiet time today?  Making molasses-ginger cookies, and doing the Week 15 Group Activity prep so I can do the three month supply run before Christmas Shopping Hell begins.(Yes, I know.  I'm totally in denial about how Christmas shopping has begun already.  I won't accept it.  I will not.)At least, that was the plan......more


I like schedules, love routine and my sleep is most peaceful when everything is in its place and nothing essential remains on my to-do list.Hah!...more


My daughter didn't want to go to school today.I didn't know what to say to her.  I never dreamed that at four years old, after having prayed and stressed and begged and waited to get her into the Best Playschool in the World, she would make this announcement and then look at me expectantly because she knew I would understand.The trouble is, I do....more

On Balance

I spoke with one of my dayhome parents on Friday evening about the transition back to working full time, about those minor but crucial adjustments in scheduling that give some some of her tasks priority.  About how difficult that is.  About how he will be fine, but how she will lose sleep and shed tears, and how she will eventually find a way to work through it.(More, here.)...more


This week was my first week on the fall schedule, the second week of my mashed-together curriculum, and Danica's first week of school.Wowzers.On Monday afternoon, I packed Danica into the bike-bucket and pedaled her over to the mall to do the last bit of her fall shop. The used jeans and outerwear had already been taken care of. The goal was to get her some new shirts so her wrists might be covered for the few minutes it takes her to grow....more