Unschooling through Art and Languages

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The Hidden Costs of Homeschooling

You see a lot (from homeschoolers) about the hidden savings in homeschooling. Most of these come from money that can be saved my having one parent stay home--no work clothes, no lunches out. And there is lots out there to help you homeschool on the cheap--free online curricula, library books, etc.But I also think about the costs that increase because we are homeschooling. I am not talking about curriculum here, or basic school supplies. But what about  ...more

The Freedom in Not Knowing

I didn’t get into unschooling for the freedom of it, though many people do. I probably hadn’t thought that much about freedom anyway, having taken for granted a whole range of cultural beliefs about how people need structure and order. I was drawn to unschooling because research supported it and I was persuaded from both a logical and intuitive stance that it was a good, probably the best, way for children to learn....more
At 15, I was sent to a school that practiced "self-directed learning", pretty much as a last ...more

Homeschooling a child with behavior issues...well he really doesn't have those

So my son is starting his first day of homeschooling tomorrow.  I am so excited, but at the same time terrified because he is in the 10th grade and Ifinally decided to take him out of public school after years of his not being able to function.  For many years we were told he was a child with behavior problems.  He couldn't sit still, he was not able to pay attention in class, he had ADHD...blah blah blah blah.  My son has always been afflicted with one issue, he is an African American/Black boy.  That was it....more


Sometimes I’m not sure why I’ve got to this place. Why I’ve bothered.I’m talking about the days when things don’t go as I’ve hoped for, or wanted, or planned and life seems to have drained out of it all.I’m talking about staying home with the kids, homeschooling.Homeschooling – does the word conjure up scenes of perfection in which little children always play and learn happily in a cosy, well-kept house? Where afternoons are spent laughing over baking sessions or craftsy moments and nutritious meals are dished out constantly and effortlessly to well behaved diners?...more

What I Get From Home Schooling

When you are homeschooling your children, you just aren't going to make it through the school year without having to field some questions.  I've gotten them from grocery store clerks, strangers in line at the post office, librarians, friends, family members....the list is extensive.  I believe that usually the questions are asked out of genuine curiosity.  People really want to understand how it's done, especially the legal aspects....more
Your post is so well written and I could't agree more. My kids have taught me so much! Thank you ...more

5 Things I Wish I Knew As A Homeschooling Newbie

We’re coming up on the end of May now and the official end of our school year. Despite my initial nervousness, my daughter has done great and has continually surprised me throughout this journey....more

We're Considering Homeschool

Since their birth, I have deeply felt the profound demands of my role as a mother and so have never seriously considered (or had interest in) adding to it the responsibility of personally delivering the boys' formal education. Always with an open mind, but also having little experience with homeschooling methods, I've held preconceived ideas and curiosities about the kind of family who chooses to homeschool, what motivates them, what their intentions are, what their learning days look like, and how the decision translates for their children in the short and long term....more

Top Ten Reasons You Should Shop In Thrift Stores

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Am I The Only One Not Homeschooling? 6 Guilty Reasons I'm Sending My Kids To Public School

Whenever I follow someone on Twitter I always read the little description under their Twitter name for a quick snapshot.  I mostly follow women and many of them happen to be moms too.  Lately it seems like a ton of the descriptions include 'homeschooler' or some variation of that.  Ditto with Blog 'About' pages and Facebook fan pages....more
Yep. I don't know how parents do it. I have thought about it, but there is no way I could do it ...more