Top Ten Reasons You Should Shop In Thrift Stores

#10 - You'll save money.  ...more

Am I The Only One Not Homeschooling? 6 Guilty Reasons I'm Sending My Kids To Public School

Whenever I follow someone on Twitter I always read the little description under their Twitter name for a quick snapshot.  I mostly follow women and many of them happen to be moms too.  Lately it seems like a ton of the descriptions include 'homeschooler' or some variation of that.  Ditto with Blog 'About' pages and Facebook fan pages....more
Yep. I don't know how parents do it. I have thought about it, but there is no way I could do it ...more

When Your Schedule Ruins Your Schedule

I like things neat and tidy. I live inside that box. As a homeschool mom I should have learned to let this go a long time ago. For a rule follower, list follower, in-the-box follower, I can be flexible sometimes. I can't yet consistently roll with the flow, though. When things aren't fitting inside my box, I feel anxious, get short-tempered, and contend with feelings of failure. Can anyone else relate? I am getting better though, and it seems as if what kills me is actually what ends up making me stronger. If I can just. adapt. to. change. ...more
JamiMullettBova Thanks, Jami! This is one of those times when I know what the truth is but my ...more

Complicating Simple

Here's how the conversation went with my husband earlier today..."I'm afraid I complicate things," I said."No, Really?" he laughed. "But first you simplify your complicated, then that seems too easy, so you complicate it again, and add layers and extra buttons, and some fancy widgets, then you scrap the whole thing and go for simple again, but only if it can be in a binder with lots of tabs."...more
I think moms are the ones that make things simple for everyone else. We are by definition never ...more

Homeschooling and Polymers--Grinch Style

I bought this a while ago, but I pulled it out today, during science and it so caught the boy's attention.Grinch Slime, all you need is:1 Bottle of Elmer's Green Glitter Glue (I got mine at Michael's)1 & 1/2 cups of very warm waterCombine those ingredients in a bowl...more

Culture of Creativity

Culture of CreativityNovember 20, 2013 by Zoie at TouchstoneZ...more

Learning at Home- A Little Structure

Seeking balance in the way I spend my day, I "BE" with my three year old. Seeking a way for her to have freedom in her day and for both of us to the enough structure to lead us intentionally though our day, to keep us from spending too much time on the computer or hopping from one thing to another with really "being" with any one thing. Trying something I'm calling Smarts. ...more

Happy Fall Y'all ~ 2013 Edition


10 Reasons Why I Homeschool

People regularly ask me why our family homeschools. I came up with a list of 10 reasons (there are more) along with a few negatives that sometimes make me question why we homeschool. My kids are currently in third grade, second grade and preschool (age four)....more
@mcknittles Wow, that's really awesome that you found those classes. You know your son better ...more

Back to School: 12 Bloggers Share Feelings, High Fives and Tips

In case you didn't notice, it's Back-to-School time. It's honestly one of my favorite times to be on Facebook; I love all of the smiling pictures of kids in their new school clothes with the hair cuts and new backpacks and fresh looks. Of course, this year felt a bit more bittersweet as I had to share a picture of my baby heading off to Kindergarten. Weep. All the same, I've been reading through so many back-to-school posts with smiles (and tears and laughs and everything in between). I thought I'd share some with you today so you can smile/laugh/cry/weep with me. Power in numbers, you guys. ...more
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