How many more years of fractions?

Sitting at the table yesterday, working on Rebecca’s math, I had a startling realization: 6th grade Rebecca is very much like 6th grade Christy. She asks the same kinds of questions about math that I did. For instance, “Why does it work to invert and multiply when I’m supposed to be dividing fractions?  Who came up with this stuff? When will I ever need this? Ever?”...more

School or Homeschool?

School or Home?...more

when homeschooling feels like insanity

I don't know 'bout you, but I've struggled.  The unusually long drought in Texas seems to have had an adverse effect on school before it ever began.  Our full schedule came in slowly. It's the long summer of being cooped up behind hot walls which made this year hard to start.  Some days, the isolation of being home day in and day out almost overwhelmed me into a paralyzing procrastination of sorts.  ...more
I love the idea of the world is our classroom, I feel the same way!!more

Homeschooling Pre-K - Success and Favorites

I started using curriculum at home from the time Athena was 2 years old. Seeing her learn from ME, learning her colors, numbers, etc. is incredibly satisfying. Now as we move into Pre-K curriculum and seeing her grow is completely amazing. Not to toot my own horn (TOOT) but I'm teaching her how to WRITE!!!! And READ! And SPELL! ME! I'm doing it!! Amazing!! ...more

The Smell of New Books.

 In my previous homeschooling post, in which I addressed homeschooling from a homeschooler's point of view, I mentioned I haven't always been homeschooled. It's true. And furthermore, I haven't always used the A Beka Academy program either. I began using A Beka in 5th grade. It was a really, really new experience for me....more


Unschooling.I first heard the term this past weekend from a friend of a friend who is All Involved in it.  I rather groaned and rolled my eyes when I heard my friend spout the merits of the process because the friend of my friend strikes me as the kind of person who does everything that is perfectly hip and happening from the just right baby shoes to unschooling without really having an understanding of education and learning.It's not completely fair of me and I realized my bias....more

Skeleton's Ball GIVEAWAY!

Through song, stories and other activities Storytime Yoga's latest Story of the Month kit, called The Skeleton's Ball, gets your bones moving!...more
Contest still open!more

Our Homeschooling Lesson Was Almost Foiled by an Organic Apple!

We started out by talking about seeds, how each plant makes its own seed and how that seed makes a new plant of the same kind. I love to make a point with an actual demonstration or physical activity of some sort. We headed to the kitchen to look at some seeds and have a snack. Why not? I explain again, when I open up the apple, we will see apple seeds. This is what we got:...more

Lots of Love to Give! Building your Family through Adoption

 GREAT show today! Excellent adoptive parenting tips and bonus info on homeschooling....more

Homeschool vs. Public School: Is There a One Size Fits All Education Model?

One of the following stories is true. Can you tell which one it is? (No skipping ahead!) Story 1: I believe in public education. I am a product of public school. I think the education I received up until my high school graduation was an excellent one; I was usually sufficiently challenged, I was given lots of opportunities for both academic enrichment and involvement in other activities, and I headed off to college well-prepared for the rigors that lay ahead. After completing college, I worked for a year, then headed to grad school. I consider myself smart, capable, well-educated, and a perfect example of how public school can work better than many are willing to admit. ...more
Love this! Thank you for making the point that 'one size doesn't fit all' :) I am a homeschool ...more