Homeschoolers, Unite!


Wah! Wah!

Wah! Wah! Agh! I've hit a wall. It doesn't happen often. I feel like I have a pretty high tolerance for lack of sleep and the physical demands of running this household. But right now, I'd like to run up the white flag. The baby is throwing up, has been for days. He was already treated once in the ER for dehydration, and from what I can tell, might be headed there again. The hot water heater has been acting up and "the dishwasher of my dreams" has turned into the 'dishwasher of my nightmares' which necessitates *LOTS* of washing dishes....more

They are growing up.....and that's ok by me....

I just want my kids to be themselves.....really. It seems like there is so much information out there about connecting with our kids, doing a better job than the "obviously detached" generation of parents before us, reading our kids "signs"...but even still.... so many parents can't do it. Why does it seem so easy for some to turn down the volume on their children's voices? I knew early on in my journey of becoming a mom that the one thing I wanted so badly for my child(ren), was to simply grow up.... That's right...I WANTED them to grow up....more

Perfect By a Long Shot!!

I am not perfect by any means....I TRY to be, but I know I'm not....more

Why We Homeschool

When Ethan was born and then diagnosed with Down syndrome, I knew that I would never take him to a therapist, a school or a doctor that I didn't think "got him". Of all the emotions I felt when he was born, the one most fierce was of protection. Although I needed the opinions and expertise of many medical and developmental professionals, I ultimately felt a sense of great responsibility for the decisions that would be made for him. He needed me to advocate the best I could for him and I believe that Ethan made me radical....more
@oceank Hi - never saw your question?! We are in NJ.more

Go bubble wrap your kids and leave me alone!!

I have a reccuring issue that really aggravates me. There are mothers that come up to me, unsolicited, and give me advice. I kid you not, when I say it is a weekly event for me. You are probably wondering what I could possibly be doing to garner this much attention.Exhibit 1 I am walking in some outdoor venue (beach, amusement park, park) with my boys. Ethan is totally bald and has been for many years....more
I wonder how those mothers will react when their overly protected and coddled children ...more

Boys Playing with Fire

So what do you do when you have a kid who is really interested in fire (no, I'm not going to use the "P" word)? That topic came up for Dennis and I this summer when Gavin was really insistent on using matches. After a few pointers and ground rules like when and where and what to do in an emergency, he was on his own.It led to some discussions with Gavin about what can go wrong when kids decided to play with matches and/or fires in other settings....more


Dana stood at the kitchen sink and looked out the window at the sunlight brightening some leaves.  At the shadows darkening others.  A yellow leaf fluttered to the ground.              Fall.  I love it, and I hate it.              As she waited for the coffee to brew, she opened the cabinet over the toaster oven and looked up at the white every day dishes.  No.  Not today.  Today I'll use china.  As she...more

Hey Beth:
It's been an emotional roller coaster, for sure! Stay tuned. I've got 3 more posts ...more

Homeschool rookie:He won't give me a load too heavy to bare!

As I reflect on today's journey, one scripture rings true in my spirit.  "He will never put more on me than I can bare".  Isn't it great to know that God would never give us more than we could handle?  But, that scripture doesn't account for the countless loads I pack on  myself! I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  The sky was cloudy, the weather was cool and I was......tired.  My two sons jarred me awake by rumbling into my bedroom like a herd of cows.  They both stood over me, smiled and said "good morning, mom".&n...more

Please forgive my misspelling!more

I'm delerious already and it's only noon!

It's noon, and I'm delerious already.  I'm trying to figure out what determines a great day from a not so good day.  It's not prayer.  I pray everyday.  It's not scripture.  I read scripture everyday.  It's not my focus.  I refocus ALL day long.  It's not sleep.  I got a good night of rest last night....what gives? Yesterday was awesome.  I woke up around 6:30am and did my normal routine of shower, prayer and talking to my husband before he went off to work.  I emerged from the bedroom ready to conquer the world!  We studie...more