Summer Homeschooling

Has your child announced the dreaded “I’m bored!” yet? With most of summer break behind us, I won’t be surprised if they had. Most children – and parents – find that ten weeks of summer break is simply too much.If your child is bored, or if you feel that they could benefit from reviewing last year’s material before they start the next school year, you should definitely encourage them to use at least part of their day for learning during the summer....more

My Early Homeschool Journey: From Doing School to the Power of Play

  When I first started homeschooling, I thought that it wasn't school unless it looked like school, felt like school and sounded like school. I sat the littles down (only four and two at the time) and pointed to the white board where we drew letters and pictures, said our Pledge of Allegiance and I marked my teacher assignment planner with attendance, checking off each hand-written preschool lesson. I even gave the kids a sticker for a well-done day and set up little school desks for them. We were by all appearances "doing school." ...more
I do realize this post was written in July 2010... but I have to say I loved reading it. Its ...more

Homeschooling Your Child with Special Needs..

In autumn of 2009, I began homeschooling my "special needs" son. I had always considered the possibility of homeschooling but I was not certain it was an endeavor that I could undertake....more

What Happens When I Say Yes

I have spent the past several months mired in a place I wouldn't necessarily term "unhappy" so much as "joyless." I do what I need to do when it needs to be done. I take care of my family. I pet my dog. I do my job. And I feel... tired. Stressed. Like I'm enduring rather than living. Like I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. And also like I spend every minute of my life saying no. ...more

Yay, Mir for finally figuring it all out for you and your family. Way to go girl, I am proud of ...more

Great Quote

Especially now that the end of school year is on the horizon, I tend to fret about what I've done. Did I reach my sons? Am I preparing them well enough?Then, I came across this quote tonight and remembered my real goals for homeschooling....more

Working and Homeschooling

Can you be a work at home parent and homeschool, or is homeschooling reserved for stay at home parents?The economic turbulence of the past couple of years means that for many families, relying on a single income is not an option. It’s not just that one income doesn’t cover the average family’s expenses – it’s also that relying on one income is very risky! If the breadwinner loses their job, the family could quickly become destitute.  ...more

Why blog????

I have had several friends ask - "Why in the world would YOU blog?" I know I didn't jump on the bandwagon when blogging got its glorious start. But, I am usually like that anyway - I take my time and make sure that it is something that I want to do - and will be able to do. But still - why would I want to blog - it's not like I don't have 6 reasons running around to occupy my time. Well, really there are plenty of reasons to blog......more

Back to (Home)School

So, I survived our first week back to home schooling after the winter break. I'll readily admit that I dreaded it.Keeping a routine is not my strong point. I laughed at the idea of having scheduled feedings or naptimes for the boys when they were infants. My philosophy was feed them when they are hungry, put them to bed when they are tired, and try not to mix the two up....more

It is nice to meet you!  I have not been on here in a while.

I love your idea ...more

3D Virtual Education: an Effective, Successful Approach to Online Homeschooling

I believe that students should be excited about learning. I believe that students should love going to school. The notion that schooling must be repetitive, dry and boring is just unacceptable to me.That’s why I believe in online homeschooling, and especially in 3D virtual learning. 3D virtual education is fun and engaging. Educational 3D worlds immerse and engage students in the same way that today’s best video games grab and keep the attention of players....more