A New Day! Homeschooling means letting go!

Ok, so, after I cried last night, I got a good night's rest and I'm ready for a new day.  I prayed.  I showered....more

Thank you! This is truly a unique journey. I see myself, my past , my present and my future ...more

Homeschool Rookie: "The best has yet to come!"

     I a m 31weeks pregnant with fraternal twins and I cry at the end of every night.  I cry for various reasons, both great and small.  I cry because I dropped my soap in the shower. I cry because I had to take a shower.   I cry because I splashed water from the dishes on the floor.  I cry because my 2year old is a wiggly worm in the tub and I can not bend over to pick him up from a belly down position so that I can dry him off.  I cry because as soon as I announce bed time (although it is the same time every night) my 6 year old is hu...more

I'm always glad to know somebody else understands.....it keeps me from thinking that I'm insane ...more

Homeschooling the Preschooler

I'm not ready to send Athena to school. I'm just not. And you know what? I might not be ready to send her next year either. But hey haters, that doesn't mean that she's going to be behind. I'm using some of that crazyweirdhippie homeschooling that runs rampant in my family. And guess what... it's going amazingly! My first homeschooling purchase was this book: ...more

Exclusive Series: My First Day of Homeschooling

I know, I know... homeschooling and Brazilian waxing are not exactly terms that you would find sitting side-by-side in a thesaurus, and please pardon the comparison. And yet, that is EXACTLY the comparison I am about to use. Because as I thought about it, the reactions to the announcement that I was homeschooling my 6th grader were AWFULLY similar to when I said I got my 1st Brazilian wax. ...more
Awesome homeschool room transformation! Four years ago, we jumped in and never looked back. I am ...more

Curriculum for Homeschool

There are so many people who choose to homeschool their children in this day and age. While this may be surprising to some, it is completely normal to others. The reality is you can often teach your kids more with a good curriculum for homeschooling, than you can by placing them in a standard public school. This is because there are so many children for teachers to address and focus on in public school systems, whereas there is just your child you focus on in your home....more

The Little House That Grew

My Little House That Grew is open for business.  I love getting to share some of the things I do through the lens of my camera.  My blog is my life.....more

Multiple Intelligences

Children learn in many different ways. Some students are active while others are reflective. Some are sensing while others are intuitive. And of course, there are visual learners and verbal learners. While traditional education is biased towards reflective, sensing and verbal learners, Avatar Storytellers is much better at adapting to different learning styles....more

Is Homeschooling Right for My Child?

Many parents are certain that they want to homeschool their child, but are worried that their child would not enjoy homeschooling. The main concerns I hear from parents are about social isolation, and about discipline. Would their child feel isolated if she doesn’t attend a physical school every day? And would their child have the discipline needed to learn in an environment that is much more independent than traditional schooling?...more

From Homeschool to Public School

Our family started homeschooling in the Fall of '99 when we moved here and decided that the PS was not a great fit for Boy. Girl came into homeschooling after second grade two years later because she felt "we were having too much fun." ...more

This was a very interesting post about the differences from someone who has had those ...more

Onward Homeschool Soldiers

This morning when I woke to work, a war was raging across the homeschool table. Nearly every plastic color block shape and cubed math manipulative we own was at attention; formed into tanks, constructed into walled fortresses, standing as tall guards, or traversing the seas. ...more

Gah. I am surfing around all these homeschool blogs that have photos of tidy, sparkling school ...more