Life, The Homestead And Everything

“Having solved all the major mathematical, physical, chemical, biological, sociological, philosophical, etymological, meteorological and psychological problems of the Universe except for his own, three times over, [Marvin] was severely stuck for something to do...” ― Douglas Adams. Life, the Universe and Everything...more

Preparing For Our New Life On a Homestead

cristina sudoIt is now time for “the big move” and preparing for our new life on our homestead. Contracts have been signed, signatures added to multiple papers and the yes has been given to us  by the powers that be. We have questioned our sanity and have both agreed this IS insane to live in the mountains on 10 acres over 8,000 feet elevation, but it is what we want and what we have dreamed of for years now and the day is finally here! We now own a homestead on 10 acres! It is all ours to do as we wish!...more

How We Picked a Place to "Settle Down"

Everyone always talks about "settling down". This phrase never excited me because everyone made it sound bad and boring... kinda like getting married! Game over! "Settling down" was something that boring, older people did when it was time to stop having fun, and I never saw a point come in my life where fun would hit a brick wall and "settling down" would happen....more

Seasons On The Homestead

*This post is Day One of the January Nablopomo 30-day blogging challenge hosted by BlogHer.Living on our little homestead for seven months now has taught me a few things about seasons.Among the lessons:Summer is hot....more

Top Used Appliances in My Kitchen

You might be surprised to hear that when we hosted Thanksgiving a couple weeks back, only one thing went in our oven for any length of time: the turkey. Yes, the sweet potatoes went in for a little bit too, but that was only long enough to melt the marshmallows on top. In general, we rarely use our oven. It is a big heat and energy sink and is not necessary for a lot of the things we make. Oven meals also seem to take longer and we simply don't have the time. So, how do we eat? Simple, using our small kitchen appliances. Here are the ones we use most and why:...more

Last-Minute DIY Holiday Food Gifts

Even as winter's chill descends upon us, there's still plenty of DIY gifts you can concoct in time for the big holiday. Here's a few ideas for gifts, some of which can be whipped up in mere minutes. ...more

90 Days on the Homestead

This week we celebrate 90 days on our little miracle farm. (Click here to read about our miracle.) It has been the craziest summer I've had in memory! We've celebrated some wonderful moments and wept over more than a few. Through it all we have been wrapped in the love of those around us and I'm pretty sure that, at least once every single day, either Handsome Hippie Hubby or I have sighed and said, "I really love living here!"...more

We Bought The Farm: A Story Of Dreams Coming True

"If you were to examine our finances, peek at our credit and plan things out it’s really quite unattainable.  On the other hand, Handsome Hippie Hubby and I have never put much stock in the words “that’s just not realistic.”  Things that are meant to be have a way of coming to pass."...more
Life Breath Present  Wow! What a beautiful comment! I'm so glad that this was an encouragement ...more

Embracing Country Life

The husband in the Hill Country.As humans, I believe we are on a constant quest to identify meaning in our lives, determine what brings us joy, and work on incorporating more of that into our daily lives. In our modern-day, super-connected world, it can be difficult to tune everything out and tap into our true joys and true selves. We all know this. I am definitely not the first to say these things. I think it is good though to occasionally remind ourselves that we are all works-in-progress - in the best sense of those words. Our paths twist and turn, but ultimately we are all trying to be our best selves we can be at any given moment, and even if we lose our way, we always seek to return to where our hearts fill most full....more

How to Tell If You're Secretly a Homesteader

We are a society that dearly loves to label things.  I've been thinking, lately about how to know if you can officially label yourself as a homesteader.  The modern definition of homesteading has become quite fluid, but I think it's safe to say you might be a homesteader (at least in spirit) if ......more
Mom to Country Kids I actually signed in/got a new password to tell you just how awesome this ...more