What Was Wrong With American Math?

I was at dinner with friends the other night, and as conversation with other parents typically does, talk shifted to our kids at the half-way point of the meal.  We discussed their extracurriculars (too many), grades (all good), and then the topic shifted to education....more

Why girls are making the grade

I sit with my son as he does his homework. I love watching him write the letters in his weekly sight words (he has beautiful handwriting) and the way he sticks out his tongue as he counts objects in sets. It takes a lot of focus on his part and on mine, too. Because if I don't sit there with him, he is not going to do it on his own. From his perspective, there are Legos to play with and adventures to be had; homework gets in the way....more

Do your kids do homework right when they get home?

So my friend and I have very different parenting styles. It's partially because she only has one child (girl) and I have two (one of each).She makes her child do homework as soon as she walks in the door from school. I see that as cruel and unusual punishment and don't have my kids do it until after dinner. My theory is that kids need time to run around, have a snack, play with friends, etc. because they've been in school all day. Plus, I don't want them to miss what little sunshine is left by 4 p.m....more

Ah, the day before school starts up again!!!

The big question today after breakfast and early church service was is it really a school day tomorrow? Ah, was I sure? Yea, really...Just too funny. The summer has slipped by so quickly here in sunny Florida. All the school supply shopping, pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, binders, book covers and on and on. My thoughts now are on packing lunches. I have so many new ideas and recipes to share! We are so fortunate to have a plethora of fruits and vegetables available. I incorporate them daily in one form or another. Lunch packing is no different really....more

They keep changing the math

In my nightmares, I am sitting at a too-small desk, faced with a series of computations. I have to solve for x...but I have no idea how to do the work....more

The Five Levels of Homework Hell

I am pretty sure when Dante’s Inferno was written in the 14th century he was looking into the future and referencing homework hell. There is nothing divine or comedic about undertaking the challenge of homework. Here is just a sampling of the fun that awaits you once your child passes this milestone of scholastic hell, and for those of you that have lived through it…please tell me there is hope....more
That's the best thing about having grown up kids (our youngest is a sophomore in HS) -- homework ...more

The Learning Party

Both boys got their ‘card’  pulled at school, on the same day, for getting in trouble.  Ryan — for not finishing journal.  Owen — MORE serious:  tripping a kid “because he felt like it”, and not doing his best work.  NICE.  And Owen was COVERED from head to toe in dirt, grime and filth....more

Are We Raising a Generation of Entitled Children?

Over the dinner table my 17-year-old was telling us how he is the only kid in his class who does his own laundry. Let me point out that he does it of his own volition, and not because I make him do it. But it does make my life easier. He did say that there is one kid in his class who actually has to fold his own laundry once it’s done, and put it away. But he keeps it all in a laundry basket and just fishes out what he needs when he needs it. The rest of the kids have everything done for them. What kind of children are we raising? ...more
One of the "gifts" of being a single mom - and there are not many! - is that out of necessity, ...more

Miss, My Friends Ate My Geography Homework

I was half way through writing a serious post about social work and how I realised I really shouldn’t be in that career (it was when I started entertaining myself by using obscure words in my case notes, because I had got tired of parroting the social work jargon which imprisoned my thoughts and judgement) but I had to stop because I hadn't finished making tea, and my daughter wanted to talk to me.Also, she was being very funny.‘I’ve got a problem,’ she said ‘Seriously. You know that geography project?’...more