Doing Your Child's Homework

Children are busier than ever.  Early morning hockey and swimming practices, after-school sports activities, religious obligations, and maybe even after-school employment or volunteer responsibilities compete for their time.  Schedules can become overwhelmed and not allow enough time to do everything, so some families find that they skimp and relax the rules for homework....more

The Complex Issue of Homework – Part 1


How Children's Science Fair Projects Ruin Family's Lives

I feel ya. It is just too much work finding out what you need to know to have them to do the work. more

How to Work on a Sixth Grade Science Fair Project: Now with ADHD!

I am saving Part III of my pet saga for Monday.However, I do have some useful information on how you can do a sixth grade science fair project in the most impotent and exasperating way possible, in case you are interested. (How is your Saturday going?)...more
@natanyap Hope your survived yours OK! We just wrapped up 5th and 8th grade and are done for the ...more

Bedtime Motivational Tactics for Good Grades

A few weeks back, the husband and I resorted to some new tactics in the battle over grades with our middle schoolers. Here's what we came up with:...more

Bad School Mom

When my oldest son, now 14, was in third grade, I discovered that I hated homework. I couldn't figure out the point. When he started fourth grade, I attended his back-to-school night and learned the reason for homework at this school. At this school, the point of homework was to learn how to do homework. Their reasoning was that if you start doing homework at a young age, with about 15 minutes assigned, that by the time you got to a grade that you actually needed to do homework, you would be an old hand at it. ...more
Children need their down time and freedom to explore - homework only provides a rigorous ...more

the deep breath of parenthood

Well, we did it. We made it through the sixth birthday. But with it came profound questions, transitions and challenges. With it came Grade One....more
The thing we are learning in our education system is all children learn differently, some ...more

6th Grade Homework = Migraine + Connection

As I sit here writing this, I have a splitting headache that has so far not responded to twice the recommended dose of Advil and I am sporting a grin a mile wide. Yes, you read that right. ...more

Should I Be Getting Use To This? ...more


Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home To Homework or Not to Homework?That is the question.OK, maybe that's not the question....more
My daughter has "homework", in the form of activities she and I are to do together, for the ...more