My Parents Ate My Homework

It’s back to school time and you know what that means—conquering that immense stack of school forms before it conquers you.Schools say they are going green and then send home volunteer forms, medical forms, and forms on how to fill out forms....more

What time do your children finish their homework?

The homework routine has definitely changed in the Reese home this year. For the past few years, my kids have spent two to nearly three hours after school at their campus' after-hours program....more

Suicide- A Young Girl Kills Herself

Thank you for sharing about this documentary and calling attention to this issue. I'm so proud ...more

Are You An Enabler?

Are you a parent who loves to help your children with various things like homework, keeping their rooms clean, doing their laundry and keeping up with their daily chores because they tell you they are too busy? If you've answered yes, are you being an enabler?  ...more

As a parent of 3 adult daughters, I fully agree with Kristi's plan of action! it ...more

3 Hours of Homework – Where’s Family Fun Time?

For the past month we have had my husband’s cousins living with us. They are both in high school with one in grade 9 and one in grade 11. It has been my first experience with teenagers, as I am used to my boys who are all under the age of 7. His cousins are great kids that are well behaved. They love to play with the boys and even try to help out around the house. I have been pleasantly surprised that these teenagers are not the stereotypical rebellious, egocentric or irresponsible teens they portray in the media....more

Thank you for your comment. The kids are working hard, but I do not think they are doing more ...more

The Homework Assignments

Own Your Beauty is a groundbreaking, year-long movement bringing women together to change the conversation about what beauty means. Our mission: to encourage and remind grown women that it is never too late to learn to love one's self and influence the lives of those around us - our mothers, friends, children, neighbors. We can shift our minds and hearts and change the path we follow in the pursuit of authentic beauty. ...more

I'm all for talking about other people and how beautiful they are inside and out... but to take ...more

3 FREE resources for parents of struggling readers

(This is from a press release sent out by LearningRx....more

Accepting you for you

Homework isn't just for kindergarten-college students. But learning a new job is homework, doing homework with your kids, and doing your work when you're at home is homework. Bleh, bad news right? I spent the entire day doing homework......more

Doin' Homework

Do you like doing homework?  I didn't growing up and honestly, I don't like it now with my own children.  That being said, I surely understand a "little bit" of homework, such as math flash cards, spelling words, and reading.  I even understand students having to do special at-home projects from time to time.  My reasoning about homework is this: I don't like a lot of homework because my children are away from home and at school for seven hours a day - even more sometimes with sports and other school-related activities.  I want time wi...more