Why Do We Place So Much Blame On "Homewreckers"?

Editor's Note: This blog was written in partial response to The Real Scandal: Homewreckers Are NOT Heroines!, which has been featured on BlogHer. - Feminista Jones ...more
I think that the main reason why we put a lot of emphasis on the Home Wrecker is because we live ...more

Homewreckers and the Men Who Love Them

     There is no denying the times are changing, but do you realize just how different things really are? I mean when I was younger traditional marriages were looked up to. They were the epitomy of happiness in adult life. Girls dreamt about their wedding gowns, their diamond rings, and of course the handsome gorgeous guy in the tuxedo. But what exactly is that other girl doing to YOUR husband? Is she actually flirting with him? ...more
Finnaeus, you are wonderful. Congratulations for being the confident, intelligent, good-looking ...more