Battling Homophobia in Women's Basketball

At this month's NCAA Women’s Final Four in Indianapolis, a number of events took place focusing on the state of women’s basketball. In association with The Fling, an annual get together which seeks to unite fans of women's sports and combat homophobia, co-founder Megan Hueter conducted a series of exclusive interviews with well-known experts to address the issue. ...more

Sorry New York Times: There Aren't Two Sides to Bullying

According to the New York Times, some folks out there have decided that anti-bullying measures in schools around the country are a new prong of attack in the Homosexual Agenda. The dissenters, of course, don’t claim to be in favor of bullying, only opposed to telling kids that being gay is not a reason to bully someone. I’m not sure exactly what the difference is when bullying takes a homophobic tone. ...more

What I love about Sesame Street is that it has been showing various combination's of family for ...more

A Right to Privacy

Recent local tragic events have become news nationally....more

Tyler Clementi: Another Victim of Sex-Negative Culture

Eighteen year-old Tyler Clementi was a brilliant violist. Quiet and considerate, he had his life ahead of him until his roommate at Rutgers University used a webcam in their room to broadcast a sexual encounter between Clementi and his partner. A few days after the broadcast, Clementi's car and other personal effects were found near George Washington Bridge. It is presumed he committed suicide. ...more
@avflox what exactly in our culture promotes sex negativity? I know sex negativity happens. I ...more

It Gets Better: How to Fight Homophobia

At dinner last night, TW and I were happily reading our Twitter streams and surfing our feeds when we both noticed the great news out of our former home state of Florida. The ban on gay adoptions has been ruled unconstitutional and Governor Crist says Florida will immediately stop the ban on gay adoptions. ...more

Wow, that's a gorgeous family. I knew you had kids, but SIX of them? WOW. As you know, I had two ...more

National Day of Silence 2010: My Kids Were Quiet in School Today (VIDEO)

Campuses all over the country are just a little quieter today as students participate in the National Day of Silence. ...more

11 years after Matthew Shepard was beaten to death, US finally passes Hate Crime Bill

How can it be 2009 and we still do not have equal human rights for all US Citizens? Today I met Judy Shepard, mother of Matthew Shepard.  I remember the day in October 1998 when Matthew was found, beaten nearly to death, tied like Christ to an x-bar fence out in Laramie, Wyoming.  My own sons were 6 and 4 and I was horrified that someone was so homophobic that they literally beat a good kid to death, simply because he was gay....more

My Son, The Cross Dresser

The politics around children who have the courage to resist the gender straight jacket have left those same children adrift. Sometimes a child just wants the freedom to explore. S/he isn't trying to make a statement about our society and its penchant for homophobia and misogyny. Certainly that was the case in our household some ten years ago. My article entitled "My Son, the Cross Dresser," first appeared in Salon Magazine (May, 1998) and engendered much debate and discourse. ...more

Hey Fredoo -

Its great that you are able to keep exploring and testing and figuring out ...more

Two Children Bullied to Death--Sacrifices to Our Homophobia

We hear of cases such as the the 13-year-old who committed suicide after being bullied online, and then scream our outrage at the bloodless brutalities of virtual harassment, but should we expect anything else when we haven't stopped bullying in the brick and mortar world? ...more

As the ...more

How I Lost My Religion But Regained My Strength

I’ve been trying to write this piece for the last few days and couldn’t figure out where to begin, where to even start. There is so much to say, but no clear, articulate way of saying it. ...more