Living in hypocrisy: McCain’s gay Chief of Staff, working against gay Americans

John McCain’s Chief of Staff, Mark Buse, has helped develop a very anti-gay platform for the politician while living as a gay man.  This ironic way of life has won Buse the “Roy Cohn Award” for hypocrisy delivered on Friday to the Senator’s office.  See the video of the delivery at (the same blog that revealed the hypocritical truth about Senator Larry Craig). ...more

You started your post as a question about Buse and his hypocrisy. I responded explaining why I ...more

Ellen DeGeneres Calls Sally Kern On Homophobic Comments

Ellen DeGeneres' responded to Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern's homophobic remarks, which surfaced recently on the internet via You Tube (see video). ...more

Israeli Politician Blames Earthquakes On God And Gays

A member of the Israeli parliament blamed a recent spate of earthquakes on gays, and what he sees as Israel's overly tolerant attitude towards homosexuality. Shlomo Benizri, a member of Ultra-orthodox Jewish Shas party, made the comments during a debate on earthquake preparedness on February 20, 2008. ...more

Ann Coulter and "Assumptive Bigotry"

Ann Coulter is all over the blogosphere for saying that Jews need to be “perfected” by becoming Christians, and that America would be better off if everyone were Christian. In fact, The National Jewish Democratic Council has called on the media to stop booking Coulter. ...more

I'm going to link to this post and comment thread on the Wide Open post about the topic that we ...more