More on My Mo-Mo Marriage

MattI have so much respect for Matt, my ex husband. His talent as a director of theatre is mind-blowing. His ability for reasoning and talking me through emotional situations is 2nd to none. He makes me cackle and guffaw. I must say, I feel lucky to have this man be such an intimate part of my life. I refer to myself as his #1 Bitch- not in the prison way, but the gay 'you are one of the most awesome people on my life' way.  It is a title of honor....more

Definition of Family: Constitutionality of FL Adoption Law Banning Gays

In-laws I write this having just come from a 6 day visit with my in-laws....more

Things You Don't Tell Your Doctor (But Should)

Great article-- I confess I am guilty, guilty of withholding information. I want to make 2 ...more

Can You Be Gay (or Straight) for One Person?

   Every other day my coworkers and I get into interesting (and borderline inappropriate) debates at work. The debate that is the subject of this blog started when we began noticing that two of our male coworkers are spending a lot of time together....more

I was drawn into this post from the title...but I'm so stunned by the post, I no longer know ...more

Off The Fence and Out Of The Closet

By Guest Blogger, Adrienne Mosse So there I was lying in my crib, a newborn in the hospital, just hangin’ out with the other newborns in the nursery, and something just didn’t feel right. I knew I was different from all the others, but I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was… Okay, I didn’t quite know THAT young, but I may as well have....more