How My Four Year Old Learned About Gay Marriage

How My Four Year Old Learned About Gay MarriageAs a first time j/k mum I never thought that I would be speaking with my son about gay marriage....more

Is Your Teen At Risk for Homophobia or Sexistism? Try These 7 Conversation Starters

My teen is at risk.  I hate to admit it, but the signs are there.  I hear the whispers when we see flamboyant boys on television or young men at the grocery store with pastel attire.  I am a quiet bystander as my husband preaches the guy code rules to our two boys.  These include:  “No school choir”, “No crying when you are hurt” (even if bleeding is involved, and of course, the most important “You must play contact sports” (even though my oldest boy has two left feet like me).   I hear the sneers (and the eye rolls) when there is a same-sex kiss scene on ...more

The Walking Dead's "Gay Kiss"

I know I'm late to the "OMG, A GAY COUPLE KISSED ON A TV SHOW" party, but in my defense, my husband and I like to save up Walking Dead episodes, then have mini-marathons on the weekends. It's like eating Pringles, I can't stop at one, I need to eat the whole can, then steal one from someone else.I love that show so hard. It's like watching "Shameless" except the Walking Dead crew have slightly more normal lives. ...more

Of Oil and Water and The Deep Unknowing

As I walked the dog yesterday, following a particularly ill-advised exchange on Facebook regarding a vitriolic "anti-vaxxers" blog post, I struggled to tease out the strings of what bothers me so much about these kinds of interactions.  The same gut-burning, chest-tightening, jaw-clenching feelings came over me yesterday that do when I encounter anti-choice protestors or read stories about the Westboro Baptist Church and their hateful acts against homosexuals. It seemed to me that there was some wisdom in my body that wasn't making it through to my brain. ...more

Even Me? How Speaking Out as an Ally has Affirmed my Faith.

On an August afternoon last fall, I sat in front of my computer screen with tears streaming down my face.  Maybe you did as well.  For plastered all over my Facebook wall were photos of so many proudly eating a chicken sandwich in the name of American values, many in the name of Jesus.I'm guessing you saw them, too.Sure, you can say this was a free speech issue, but somehow I don't remember this same general population organizing a Dixie Chicks Appreciation Day after the always vocal country music group also had exercised their free speech....more

Former Scout Addresses The Boy Scouts of America

With the Boy Scouts of America considering a reversal on their sexual orientation restrictions, the 103-year-old organization is getting some healthy feedback, both pro and con. Wasn't it just last summer when BSA had firmly stated its 'No Gays' policy? So, what's changed?...more
I do hope for inclusiveness. I really domore

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” For Children

Following the Boy Scouts of America decision to continue excluding gay people from participating, many parents are venting their frustration with what they describe as the gay community’s assault on one of the last bastions of wholesome tradition – in the eyes of many, an assault on childhood itself: “Why do we have to talk about this? Why can’t you just let kids be kids?”...more
I'm sorry I didn't meet you at BlogHER 12 this month.  I, too blog on topics of interest to ...more

Homosexuality or False Love: What’s Really Destroying America?

As I write this, I’ve just finished staring at the agenda of a website created by members of a particular Baptist church. Today’s plans are to picket a gay pride parade, followed by plans to surround the funeral of a fallen soldier sharing the “truth” of God’s Word on cardboard signs....more

Why Homosexuality Scares Some Religious Conservatives

Rachel Held Evans, Christian blogger and author of the upcoming book “A Year of Biblical Womanhood:How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband Master,” has set in motion a weeklong discussion of a common debate in evangelical c...more
Another fear of homosexuality (that is really no different than whites who fear Blacks moving in ...more