A Husband, A Father, A Mormon... And Gay?

Josh Weed is a husband, a father, a member of the Mormon Church -- and he's gay. Earlier this month, he and his wife coauthored a post on his blog about how they have made their marriage work these past ten years. This is a summary of their story, as well as a roundup of the different aspects of this story that concern the blogosphere. ...more
 @avflox Hey there, yes, words are just that. Words. People can say a lot with words, but they ...more

Sticking My Neck Out

I don't normally post controversial issues.  Mine is a fluffy blog about raising a big family, and adoption, and whatever else pops into my head....more

Kirk Cameron, 8, NOH8: Hollywood Speaks on Gay Marriage

Actor Kirk Cameron talked to Piers Morgan on CNN this week and told him he wasn't a fan of homosexuality or of gay people getting married. Specifically:  "I think that it's - it's - it's unnatural. I think that it's - it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."  ...more
True Christians believe in the word of God, period. There is no debate. There is nothing to ...more

Everything Possible

The other night my son and I were sitting on the sofa together, his dark blond head against my chest, our fingers intertwined. As I do every day, I try to get him to talk to me about his day, about his friends, about whatever is going on in his imagination. Usually I have to wrestle and tickle him until he’s tired out and flopped on the sofa, feet up where his head should be, head tilted upside down over the side like a worn out puppy to get him to talk....more
@jlweinberg Your kid will be just fine because he will always have a loving, understanding home ...more

On Coming Out and 'Glee'

When I graduated from Grinnell College with my B.A. in psychology, I was 22 years old and my only work experience was filing card catalog cards and setting up projectors for professors. I needed a job.My girlfriend was a year younger than me and I wanted to stay in Grinnell. The only job I could find was working at the Jasper County Care Facility, a massive facility for people with severe mental and physical disabilities. The facility was located in nearby Newton. Grinnell was a college town. Newton was not. The people of Grinnell were open-minded. The people of Newton were not....more
@Faiqa Yes, she was going to kick my ass because she was a lesbian. I'm a lover not a fighter ...more

Thoughts on National Coming Out Week

This is National Coming Out Week. And though we'll focus on celebrating the queer community, it's not a holiday.  And despite the fact that its whole existence is due to prejudice and hate, it's not a memorial.   Image: dbking via FlickrPictured is the late gay rights activist, Frank Kameny, who passed away yesterday at age 86....more
Right on! Closets are for clothes!!!more

Prenatal Drugs to Prevent Lesbianism?!

Sometimes I read things that get my dander up with such ire that I simply have to write about them, if for no other reason than to diffuse the charge. This is one of those posts....more

What's Going On Over At Sexis Magazine - July 30th Edition

We’ve had another great week on Sexis and it’s time to recap and give you a chance to catch up on anything you might have missed with … The Sexis Round-Up!...more

Off The Fence and Out Of The Closet

By Guest Blogger, Adrienne Mosse So there I was lying in my crib, a newborn in the hospital, just hangin’ out with the other newborns in the nursery, and something just didn’t feel right. I knew I was different from all the others, but I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was… Okay, I didn’t quite know THAT young, but I may as well have....more