Twenty years of love and Chevys

Anyone who says you can’t put a price on love didn’t want to marry Sean. Because his price was $5,700. Or best offer....more

Turning Brown Stones Into Pink Stones: The Joys & Magic of Pressure Washing


We'll be buying a pressure washer when we move and I have to saw that I'm really quite looking ...more

Honda to Offer Dog-Friendly Element Model

Responding to public demand, Honda  demonstrated an especially dog-friendly version of its Element SUV at the recent New York Auto Show. ...more

Thanks for this, Jody. Good to know. Looks like the family pet is getting more and more ...more

U.S. News and World Report Ranks 2008 Car Models

Thought I would share this breaking news report by U.S. News and World Report, ranking the new 2008 car models at or coming in soon to dealer showroom floors near you !! Some I agree and some of the best are missing.....your comments would be appreciated! ...more