Liars School

There are secret schools where people go to learn how to lie. There they learn how to be ambitious in their lying and convincingly upset when challenged. They study tapes of Ryan Braun and Lance Armstrong issuing denials about their doping, watch them both holding their hands over their hearts, keeping the unmanly tears at bay just enough that only the glimmer of welling up is visible from the camera's distance....more

About Why I Tell Lies ...

I have one of the worst-kept secrets in my family. Sometimes I tell a little lie or two …...more
Try not to. For instance to a bad haircut I'll say you got your haircut. If they smile. I might ...more


 It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ll start by stating the obvious: I REALLY LOVE MY FAMILY.This is not news, because we all do....more

You Can't Handle the Truth (oh wait - that's me)

We're two thirds of the way through NaBloPoMo and so far I have kept the commitment of writing a post a day for my site.  It hasn't always been easy - there have been many nights that I am just sneaking the post up in the final hour of the day, when all I really want to do at that time is sleep.  Some nights I am not sure what to write about and feel like I have to force myself to come up with something....more

How being kind & honest saved me $15 today

While out shopping this evening I stumbled across a bag in a style I'd been looking for but hadn't previously had any luck finding. This bag wasn't by any means fancy, but it suited my purposes, and so I was quite delighted to see that the tag attached to one of the zippers priced it at only $10. A bargain! ...more
@Denise Thank you! And a big thank you to the clerk.more

Football Players Leave Cash In An Unlocked Store

Image from abcnewsI was watching the TODAY show this morning when the segment about the William Paterson University football players who left cash in an unlocked store for their purchases came on the program. I stopped what I was doing to watch the segment and see why everyone was cheering these young men....more

A Little Rejection Is Not Always a Bad Thing

The sting of rejection is hard, but it's not ever personal. You can make it personal, and oh, I've made it personal in the past. When you are this invested in yourself, in your career, it really is hard not to take the rejections or the turn downs, as a personal slight. However, if I didn't feel hurt, just a little, it would mean, I just don't care anymore. How can I be a good writer if I just don't care? ...more
COngrats on getting your articles published!! It's hard to put yourself out there especially ...more

Do You Lie at Work?

Do you tell little (or maybe big) lies at work? Now, don't lie to make yourself feel better! As I was reading the article "Liar, Liar, Pantsuit on Fire!" from Success Magazine, I was a bit surprised by the results of their survey of more than 1,200 American workers. We all know small lies happen, but some of the nuanced answers were amusing and telling. Such as: ...more


Today my favorite blogger came out of the closet as a bisexual. It broke my heart into a thousand pieces to see the anguish, worry and heartbreak over something like being true to ones self. No one should have to hide who they truly are for fear of what society thinks is acceptable...yet it happens all the time....more

Do You Speak Honestly or Say What They Want to Hear?

I’m pretty much a “what you see is what you get” kind of person. I’m direct. I’m blunt. I’m honest. Over the years I like to think that I have developed some tact, but there are those who don’t see it that way....more