Stop Lying!!!

  In talking to friends, family, co-workers and reading different magazine articles, blogs, and books I’ve noticed a trend that is disturbing to me. No I’m not talking about fashion trends or music trends....more

Thanks Bevy. I love your saying "try to make a donkey look like a race horse" I may be ...more

How Kids Ruin Your Friendships

Let's pretend I'm talking to a friend. One of my children decide they need me right now. However, the rule is ,if there are no broken bones, blood, or vomiting then don't interrupt. You wait your turn....more
The absolute worst scenario is the one I have been dealing with for the past year; I have a ...more

Losing My Religion

I used to believe that Catholicism was the one true religion.  No ifs, ands or buts.  I used to practice a faith that was ingrained within four secular walls and detailed, literally, by the Book.  I thought everyone else was wrong, that I was right, and that there was no room in Heaven for those whose thinking didn’t sync with mine....more

May God give you…
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a ...more

Kindness V. Honesty: A PassionsPath Blog

Your good friend—Claire, let’s call her—is an actress. She fell in love with theater and acting in high school (where you fell in love with writing and music). Claire’s pursued acting as a profession with a focus and determination that can only be described as admirable. She’s taken risks—financial, social, professional (all sorts of “-ial”s—in order to achieve what we’d all call “a successful acting career.”  ...more

An Elephant Never Forgets

 Do you lie to your kids?  I used to, quite a bit, actually.  When my twins were younger babies, it was out of sight, out of mind, so if they started fighting over a toy, I'd hide it.  The toy is gone, I'd say.  And they would accept that and move on almost immediately.  These days, their memory is excruciatingly detailed and longterm.  Hiding a toy no longer solves a problem, it exacerbates it.  And toy-hiding is just the tip of the falsehood iceberg.  No more can I distract them with something inferior to their wishes in the hopes of ha...more

Why I'm Happy When My Son Lies, But Frustrated When My Daughter Does

I am fascinated by lying. Seriously. I always have been. I was a theater major, for Pete's sake. The act of pulling on a persona has always been appealing to me, and my parents are only too happy to remind me that I was something of a pathological liar in my youth. I do recall sometimes saying things just to see if lying would work, and of course can think of plenty of times I simply lied as an attempt to get out of trouble. ...more
Ooooh...the "come up with your own punishment" punishment. Harsh, harsh, harsh! (I agree with ...more

Bored yet? How ya doin over there in 'Wait - and - See-ville' ?

This is part 1 of the "Where not to go, ever" attempt to help you tune into your thoughts and figure out where not to go before you head there...from an experienced thought gypsy traveler. :) You know that song "We're on a road to no where" by the Talking Heads? Feel free to hum that while you're reading this.... Hey. Thanks for bein' here. Hope you're well. So I'm callin it. You know your thoughts better than anyone else....more

A Happy Home: Tips for Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce

Lessons from Home Everyone is always concerned about the children when the parents decide to end their marriage....more

To tell the truth

One of the foundations of a good relationship, whether it's romantic, familial, or friendly, is supposed to be, or at least I've always thought, is honesty. We say we want the truth from each other, no matter how much it might hurt, no matter if we disagree. The thing is with truths is that they can lead to issues that have long been bubbling beneath the surface, waiting to explode -- waiting to be cleaned up. The thing with truths is that some people say they want to hear, but they really don't. And that sucks for the person putting it out there....more


I started this blog because I needed to write. I needed an outlet. At the time, I thought, “Yessss. A moment to say what I want, when I want, and let it feel good.” I didn’t anticipate then becoming concerned with what I thought people would want to read.I want to write.This is my space to do so.Be entertained, be horrified, or secretly relate. Whatever. Right now, I hear in my head, “I’m Rob Base, and I wanna rock RIGHT NOW.” (Who’s with me?)...more