The Absence of Integrity

There’s little else that matters to me than my integrity. While not an uncommon trait for a witch, it’s something that I believe in above anything else. It matters that I’m taken seriously because I don’t lie. An empath as well, empaths cannot tolerate dishonesty in others any more than we can tolerate it in ourselves. So I get a double dose of it I guess....more

Love, Honor, Cherish

Traditional marriage vows include the promise to "love, honor and cherish."  With all my thinking about divorce this week, I'm seeing these three words in a new light.  LOVE is an intense feeling of deep affection.  HONOR means to treat someone with great respect.  To CHERISH your partner means to protect and care for them in a loving fashion.  ...more

Voices of the Year

This is a Yay Me post. If that bothers you, come back tomorrow to see if I’ve done something like flash the church parking lot or dropped my child on his head....more
Yay!! A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the both of us!!    :)   ~Virginiamore

Memorial Day

Memorial Day.  Today is the day everyone puts a flag on their porch and remembers those they have lost, whether it be from natural causes, murder, or war, it is a day to honor and remember. Many will visit a cemetery to place a flag or flowers, I am not one of those.  I know for a fact that my father will be there to visit momma's grave and his parents and brother.  It gives him comfort.  I can not go to a mound of dirt and cry, like he will do.  I just can't do that....more

Jealousy, thy Name is Mistress, and Three’s a Crowd

Jealousy wrecks destruction on a would-be lasting relationship, playing havoc on emotions and, most importantly, breaking valued trust. Jealousy hasn’t a heart or soul; it is destructive because it knows no boundaries. Jealousy is repulsive; it is crafty and unreasonable, a foolish game player to an ugly end. Jealousy is selfish; it lacks respect and selfless love. Jealousy is fruitless, and in the end it will leave you bitter and alone. Jealousy is not unlike having a mistress on the side; while living as three, ultimately, it will feel uncomfortably crowded, and someone must flee!...more
 @JourneyofLife I'd think you'd like him. Seriously, everyone that meets him likes him. He is a ...more

Mother's Day without a mom...

Mother's Day is such a wonderful idea.  Mother's do many things without recognition.  They have many jobs and responsibilities - and taking a day to say "thanks" is lovely, and so appreciated by all the momma's out there. It is fun to be a momma.  It is fun to be celebrated.  It is a joy to me to see the things that my children have made me - by hand.  They are so proud - and I am so honored to be honored by them.  It is sweet. ...more

President’s Day 2011: Holiday Or Snow Day?

Who is Being Honored on President's Day?<...more

Choosing Conflict: A Blog

My grandmother died in June. She was 94. She lived a full, wonderful life, and suffered little in the end. We were very close; when her daughter (my mother) died (at the young age of 32) (cancer), my grandmother took care of me in many ways. And I did my best to honor her final years with lots of visits, with taking care of her when I could. And now that she’s gone, I find myself in a quandary....more

I have no advice for you I'm afraid but good luck with whatever action you decide to take. ...more