Small Town Heroes

I’ve lived in a small town since the age of three.  As a teen, I couldn’t wait to move from my parents’ home and live the big city life.  Now, at thirty-three, my heart desires nothing more than to raise my children with small town roots.  One of the many things I love is the donut shop on Friday mornings in the fall....more

Inspiring Stories, Burned Memories…

…..the bright piercing light wasenough to blind my eyes, as his shiny guitar angled itself perfectly to hit thelight above and bounce it back on to me. Not a single chair in the entire roomwas filled, as everyone was standing full of emotion....more

Beyond 9/11

September 11th is behind us. The commemoration events are over. The TV specials are done. Kids are back in school, and the work week is underway. The few days a year that we think of those who died and the families they left behind are over. Life goes on. As a nation we have the same ritual for Memorial Day and for Veteran’s Day. We put out our flags, we post messages on Facebook, and we think about the sacrifices others have made and are making. We honor them for a span of 24 hours or less. And what about fallen firefighters and policemen killed in the line of duty?...more