When It's 9 pm Here, It's 6 am in Fallujah...

This is my husband's son, my stepson Mark. (He's the one in the middle of our 2007 Christmas photo.) He survived a tour of Iraq. Twice. And Afghanistan. But when this photo was taken 5 years ago (right around this time -- near Thanksgiving), our smiles were fake. ...more
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Honoring My Dad on Memorial Day

Photo of my father as a baby sitting with his father and mother. ...more

Standing With our Veterans

  The veterans at The Salvation Army Laura Danieli Senior Activity Center don’t think of Memorial Day as just a day off.  The 5 of them have served our country and know that this day is meant to honor the men and women of the Armed Forces.  The Veterans were acknowledged for their s...more

Our Best Friend Ed: His Honor Flight to DC

Our best friend Ed went on the Honor Flight to DC on Saturday.  Here he is describling his trip.  He's quite a story teller, and we love him so much. BlogHer Exclusive :)...more
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NaBloPoMo Day 11: The Veteran's Day Parade

Frank JosephBreen, Sr.  ...more

This Veterans Day -- Support Our Troops & Their Families - Learn More About PTSD

Lisa Frederiksen“I still have the nightmares, never got over the nightmares. And with God as my witness, I read my paper this morning — and right now, I can’t tell you what I read. I can’t remember.But what happened on that day is tattooed on your soul. There’s no way I can forget that. I wish to God I could.”...more

Memorial Day 2011

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13...more

Remembrance Day Salute

It is November 11th, 2010 and we honor our veterans today, paying respect to those who have died in service of our country and indeed to the world. I am proud that Canadians celebrate this national holiday to remember the great sacrifices these men and women made, while continuing to honor those who still serve in the name of peace and freedom....more