Are You Building A Profitable Online Biz Or A Seriously Expensive Hobby?

  Well, which is it, a serious online biz or a hobby?I understand how easy it it to drag your feet, live in fear of success or failure...more

To Schedule, Or Not To Schedule-THAT is the Question

 Life moves fast. One minute you are happily working at your desk, the next you could be dashing off to soothe an impatient customer or handle a family crisis.  The on-line world moves fast as well and will continue to hurdle forward whether you are available to monitor and cultivate your social platforms or not.That’s where helper tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and MarketMeSuite all come in handy. They help make our social media strategies feel not-so-much like a needy child and keep information flowing when we are not available to do so....more

Time Savers for Social Media Part II

In Part I of  Time Savers for Social Media we looked at the advantages and disadvantages, now what can we do about it?...more

What You Need to Know Now About URL Shorteners

URL shorteners aren't new, but not everyone knows what they are or understands how useful they can be. I want to introduce you to a few URL shortening tools and explain how they can make a real difference in the way you track what your audience is doing with your information. ...more

I'm not sure about the other tools, but's site says their shortened URLs do not expire. I ...more