What's Wrong With Me???

I decided to create this blog as an atttempt of having a place to write my thoughts and feelings, experiences and crazy obsessions. I feel as if I am a broken record with my family and friends in regards to my daily imbalances; all which include physical, mental and emotional. I just purchased a diary yesterday in leu of creating a blog but after half a page I started getting annoyed and didn't want to finish. I can type way faster than I can write. This will be better for my inability to stay focused on anything for too long....more

Third Pregnancy Woes: Apparently You Grow Faster?

You stretch faster the third time around. At least I did. This week I'm 17-ish weeks, maybe, I think. And tomorrow, for the first time this pregnancy, I will wear maternity clothes to work. Ugh. In my first two pregnancies, I didn't wear maternity clothes until 23 weeks, but there is no way I'll make it 6-ish more weeks in my regular clothes. I'm just too uncomfortable. And it's freaking me out....more
Not me. I carry teeny tiny for whatever reason. As a result, I have a mad case of "bump envy." ;)more