What to Expect When Coming Off the Pill

The Pill has been used as a female contraceptive since 1960.  It is currently used by approximately 150 million women worldwide, and is one of the most popular and well-known prescription medications....more

Stop the Crazy Cycle and Balance Hormones Naturally

Balance Hormones NaturallyThe hormonal health of women is a delicate and often illusive balance between progesterone and estrogen. Estrogen is supposed to be the predominant hormone in the first half of the menstrual cycle and progesterone the predominant one in the second half....more
I'm right there with you sister and it can make me a bit of a Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde at times. It ...more

Menopausal Moments

Welcome Womenopes!That is my term of endearment for women going through menopause. For those of you who may be entering menopause, or are in the throws of menopause, or are on the other side of it (lucky you!), I am writing to you! I have been searching for a place to find comfort for my everyday complaints, to question the antidotes that are offered to us, and find anecdotes that help me feel  that I am not alone and there are other women out there like me!!...more
@JennieBeach My heart goes out to you. Trust me when I say: it will get better. You are right ...more

Why I Gave Myself A Timeout

The older we get, the more we must learn to accept that we are who we are. (Am I paraphrasing Popeye?) Like it or not, our personalities were born the same day we were. The only real power we have is to make behavioral corrections to compensate for our shortcomings....more
Sometimes giving myself a timeout is the very best thing I can do for myself... just as long as ...more

How Do We Protect Our Teens from Young Love & Raging Hormones?

I pulled up to a stop sign minutes from my house and saw two young teenagers holding hands and talking intimately. They were wearing backpacks and seemed to be saying goodbye. I imagine that they just got off the school bus together. I watched the girl turn coyly from the boy as he brushed the hair from her face....more
Yes, my son is 17 and he has a girlfriend, I told him that he needs to wait but I know how ...more

April 20th 1993 – Depths of Despair

Well, let me see whats new in the exciting life of me! Oh, the adventures are too numerous, too wild, too detailed, to express in their full intensity and potential on paper. Ah, anyway! Well yesterday I was in the depths of despair! Why? Oh who knows! PMS maybe, probably, most likely. I went to Karate – on the way there something went SNAP! Like walking through the woods and stepping on a stick! My priorities clicked into place! My brain shifted into the ready position, a smile arose on my face, my fingernails grew, my body relaxed and there I was!...more

11 Reasons to Stop Eating Dairy

  Many s ...more

The DHEA Initiative

One time, for no particular reason, I woke up with a list of things for my husband to do – it was just floating around in my head. I shouted them off to him – just line-itemed it. He responded with a confused sideways-look* and a “huh?” that sent me into some deep, unknown place. I continued in such a way that made him feel like he’d be less of a man if he couldn’t do it. That sent him into defense-mode and he grabbed a piece of paper and pen and wrote it all down. He stormed out of the bedroom and quickly got the day started....more
paleo mama Hi, thanks for the kind words! I pulled most of my info from the ...more

Damn You, Hormones

This past weekend, I found myself watching Nate play The Walking Dead video game and could not drag myself away.  It’s an interactive game, so we decide the outcome, similar to those choose your own adventure books when we were kids. Anyway, during the game one of the boys was bit by a zombie and had to be killed so I started crying! YES, I cried during a video game!  Of course we both ended up laughing because it was so ridiculous but when I shared this with some friends, I was able to hear their funniest emotional pregnancy moments....more

Hormones and Hairloss

Oh the joys of becoming a mother… our hormones are so out of control that people feel like they need to bring a box of tissue and a shield when coming to visit! And as I discovered today, there is apparently no avoiding the post-baby hair loss!...more