Leo and Virgo – The Drama & The Details

Weekend Moon transits:  A Leo Moon Friday 6/21/12, gives us the push towards melodrama, attention getting antics and a search for a good time. Go big, be generous, have fun. Fiery Leo Moon will support you....more

Horoscope : Implies Position Enjoyed Simply by Ruling Planets From Virtually any Provided Time.

It is just a well-known idea that the particular relationships are designed within paradise as well as throughout Indian native Matrimony culture relationship is thought to be the organization. There are some uncommon methods for match up generating inside Hindu local community which usually may differ in one caste to a new. Compatibility Horoscope will be granted a lot of relevance and the wonderful like to never go for wedding with out corresponding the horoscopes. The durability in a very marriage ceremony can be thought to be extremely important....more

Love Horoscope for the Week of July 4

Just in time for Independence day, love goddess Venus glides into the home and family sign of Cancer. Does that mean you can expect a warm and fuzzy family reunion? In your dreams, baby. Seriously—if you want a peaceful holiday, you may have to use your imagination to get to a place of compassion or understanding with your peeps....more

Very often my reaction upon reading my horoscope is:

Very often my reaction upon reading my horoscope is to decide that there was once a massive glue failure at the old Winnebago hospital. One day, in the nursery all the little ID bands around all the little newborn ankles came apart. All those little kicking feet sent the loose ID bands floating about the room. The nurses were all in the break room watching As The World Turns. Once back at their duties, and presented with the Great ID Band Disaster of 1965, they decided on that good-old standby in times of trial:  The Cover-Up. I'm really someone else. ...more

October 21 The Day Of Singularity

There is no doubt that October 21 people are distinctly different from those around them, both in their personality and their views. Although they can be charming and appealing in social or professional situations, they are often a more challenging, even difficult breed where their personal affairs are concerned. Indeed, their relationships are highly complex, and made no easier by their critical and sometimes contentious natures....more

October 20 The Day Of Vogue

Those born on October 20 are very conscious of what is in and what is out at any given time. Often their influence is so great that they can even define certain social trends themselves, but just as often may find themselves at odds with the prevailing social standard or fashion. Their drive to be not only accepted but also influential in their social milieu is very strong. Therefore, in this arena rejection hit them hard, and setbacks, difficulties or delays can dampen their spirit....more

October 19 The Day Of The Projector

Those born on October 19 are independent, spirited, and outspoken people who bring liveliness to their surroundings. They are, however, highly opinionated and stubborn in their approach to life. Because of their contentious nature they not only love to partake in competition, but also may unfortunately brink strife and conflict wherever they go. A constant theme in their life is revealing hidden truths, and therefore they have great dislike for ulterior motives, stubble emotional manipulations and punishment through silence....more

October 18th The Day Of Personal Leadership

Those born on October 18 are often destined to play important, active role's in life's great drama. Not only cut out to be players, however, they may also function as powerful directors of what goes on around them, be it the concerns of their family, business or social circle. October 18th people are not shy about pushing their way to the top, but though their desire to be king or queen of the hill is great, they can keep a low profile if necessary....more

October 17th The Day Of Precarious Balance

Like a cat, those born on October 17 usually manage to land on their feet. No matter what difficulties or dangers they face, it is their balance above all which they strive to maintain. This might be a simple matter were it not for the fact that they love to take chances. Instability may be their worst enemy, but most often is is of the self-induced variety. ...more

October 16th The Day Of Essential Judgment

The theme of judgment is a central focus on the lives of October 16 people. They are often found pondering decisions, either professional or personal. Being able to size up a situation and grasp the essence of it seems to come naturally to them. They are not overly "judgemental" people, in the sense of having preconceived ideas or prejudices, demanding adherence to their personal morality or being unaccepting or closed. On the contrary, those born on this day are generally quite liberal and available for all sorts of new ideas and discussions....more