October 18th The Day Of Personal Leadership

Those born on October 18 are often destined to play important, active role's in life's great drama. Not only cut out to be players, however, they may also function as powerful directors of what goes on around them, be it the concerns of their family, business or social circle. October 18th people are not shy about pushing their way to the top, but though their desire to be king or queen of the hill is great, they can keep a low profile if necessary....more

October 17th The Day Of Precarious Balance

Like a cat, those born on October 17 usually manage to land on their feet. No matter what difficulties or dangers they face, it is their balance above all which they strive to maintain. This might be a simple matter were it not for the fact that they love to take chances. Instability may be their worst enemy, but most often is is of the self-induced variety. ...more

October 16th The Day Of Essential Judgment

The theme of judgment is a central focus on the lives of October 16 people. They are often found pondering decisions, either professional or personal. Being able to size up a situation and grasp the essence of it seems to come naturally to them. They are not overly "judgemental" people, in the sense of having preconceived ideas or prejudices, demanding adherence to their personal morality or being unaccepting or closed. On the contrary, those born on this day are generally quite liberal and available for all sorts of new ideas and discussions....more

The New Astrology: Which Sign Are You?

Or: The Zodiac ... Is Whack. I'm tired of vague newspaper horoscopes. I've cracked open my last fortune cookie only to discover the following: "Your friends find you sagacious but only the boll weevil laments the valise that is life." Um, hello? Tell me something I don't know. ...more

Right on the Money! I love lobster and own a Captain's Chair!more

Year of the Dog......

I am born the year of the dog, and reading the background of it, IT'S TOTALLY ME! Sometimes it sucks, sometimes. I mean the DOG personality is caring, unselfish, altruistic, One of Life's Givers! When i read it it hits everything (almost everything) that i am. We make great partners. Loyal, dedicated, sticks thru the good and bad. Even if we are unhappy in love the dog is likely to stay put rather than cast off. The dog is always anxious to please. Good traits but sometimes it's like WHY?! ...more

Thanks for having my back, horoscope

I have a phone from Motorola called a Droid. And I love it. I've loaded it up with lots of apps that make me happy. It's completely personalized to me and I reference it religiously every day. ...more

Hanging Onto My Money

Dear Leo, Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, February 24: ...more

Beyond Astrology:Psychic Horoscopes.CAPRICORN

Good news,Capricorn! Your innate abilities of steadfastness, focus and motivation are about to be called upon in a work environment. Who better but the goat to keep driving forward - through rain, sleet, hail (wait a minute, that's a mailman), but you get the picture. Nothing can stop a determined Capricorn, not even an economy that appears to have screeched to a halt.  Somebody has to figure out a way to plow through the mess, and that would be you, Cap! ...more


After reading up on alternative medicine. I decided to treat myself to reflexology. Ladies I would highly recommend a session.  It is very relaxing, you really do feel like your body is improving, but it can be a bit of painful.For more on reflexology see the following link. ...more

Dating Secrets By Sign: Is Your Partner Telling You The Truth?

Going on a first date is daunting enough, but then you have to worry if your potential partner's for real and sharing the truth about their being, or on their best behavior and masking less attractive qualities. Sure we all want to make a first good impression, but knowing your date's sun sign may help you navigate the dating minefield and figure out how genuine your date is being. ...more