"It Follows" Is Refreshingly Freaky New Horror Featuring a Demonic STD

The horror film It Follows opened to a wider theatrical release last weekend,  and I could not be more thrilled. I attended the premiere screening at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, and this film was by far my favourite from the Midnight Madness program.   During the Q&A, the director said the inspiration behind the film was based on a recurring nightmare he had as a kid, where he was being slowly and incessantly followed by something that looked like different people.  ...more

A Life-long Love of Scary Movies

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The Cabin in the Woods: Burning a Genre to the Ground

Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods is rightly gaining incredible acclaim for turning the horror flick genre on its head with a post-modern take that breaks it down piece by piece in a brilliant twist on the traditional devices.The film is intelligent, witty, accessible—and still offers satisfying horror moments for those lovers of the genre’s classic moves....more
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Happy Birthday Baby! I Paid an Evil Clown to Terrorize You!

I used to think that American party stores mastered the passive-aggressive birthday category with their Over-the-Hill line of party favors. Because what says "I really don't want to feel pressured to make yet another day super special for you" as suitably as a bouquet of black balloons and a piñata shaped like a Geritol bottle? But I was wrong. In the bitter birthday wars, America loses. Switzerland wins with a wicked specialty service where you can purchase your beloved a week straight out of a Stephen King horrorfest. At your command, an Evil Clown named Pennywise -- just like the nightmarish child chomping clown in It -- will stalk your beloved for a week. ...more

A clown stalking you for a week to find the perfect moment to cake you? The gift that keeps on ...more

Controversial Horror Flicks "Grace" and "Orphan" Give Mothers a Bloodbath

Horror films are at heart fairy tales, and the morals of the stories tend to hit you over the head with the subtlety of a witch's oven door.  This summer, two psychological thriller/horror flicks with big buzz, Orphan and Grace, want you to know that pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and adopting a child are all selfish, destructive,bloody pursuits. Breeder beware! ...more

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Abuse and Neglect

Friday night, DTTF and I went to see the Rob Zombie version of the movie Halloween that just came out in theaters. While watching the first 30 minutes or so of the movie, I discovered I have new issues. I want the world to be happy and sparkly for my child, and my heart breaks with the knowledge that it's not. It caused such anxiety in me that apparently I whimpered. DTTF actually thought we'd have to leave because of the way I reacted to the beginning of the movie. Continue Reading ...more

Protesting cinematic rapes, combatting real ones: BlogHers weigh in

September 11th has become a solemn day in the United States, but in Liverpool, Engiand it promises to be a day of celebrity-watching and protest. That's the day when director Quentin Tarantino plans to be on hand to promote "Deathproof," a B-movie "thriller" in which Kurt Russell plays an embittered stuntman who stalks and kills sexy women. The movie incited controversy and drew limited audiences earlier this year, especially because the filmmakers produced an "action figure" in Tarantino's likeness that was named "Rapist No. 1" The movie is part of a double feature with another snuff-flick, "Grindhouse.". Feminist Activists Against Porn urges people to meet Tarantino with protests. "Tarantino visiting Liverpool is being hailed as a triumph as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture. Feminists will be protesting against Tarantino at the opening of this film- making a stand against violence and rape of women as entertainment and against the Rapist No 1 action man doll. " ...more

That kept trying to justify torture porn as art. It was ridiculous and the logic was so ...more