You be the Judge.

 “Too bad about that half pass to the left.”My horse and I were leaving the arena after my test, reins long and my trademark competition smile: Lips stuck on my gums above my teeth. I had a great horse....more

And We Are Off

Happy Friday everyone, hope you are enjoying what is left of it & have an amazing weekend ahead of you. Tomorrow finally brings on the start of the spring/summer horse show season. I am so excited for tomorrow!I have an early morning ahead of me, a long day in cowboy boots & lots time will be spent in the saddle. There will be plenty of photos to follow & lots of twitter updates @CityMeetCountry...more

The Adagio of A Reluctant Pony Mom

Is there anyone in the galaxy who hasn't yet weighed in on The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Very Scary Amy "Well, it's a memoir, Stephen" Chua thing?   Ever slightly behind the curve, here's my semi tongue-in-cheek take:  ...more