What If We Could Have Honest Conversations about Birth with Our Care Providers?

Imagine if, at a regular prenatal appointment, your midwife or OB said to you, "Let's talk about your birth options." Imagine that she or he went on to ask you what you would like to know about giving birth, what you already know, and if you have any particular ideas or plan as for how you'd like to give birth. Imagine if, taking it a step farther, she or he then gave you information such as the following:...more

The Real Danger in America: Hospital Birth

As tempting as it is to make emotional arguments against the safety of home birth, as Feministe did recently, it's not home births that are driving America's high rates of maternal and fetal death. It's hospital birth. America has among the highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized country. ...more
The problem I have with this blog, and all the others, and all the other articles, is that there ...more

Do Women Matter in Childbirth?

Women -- from every ethnicity and every socioeconomic background -- deserve respect and dignity and consideration while they're giving birth and access to safe care that provides it. We need a spectrum of choices that are best suited to our situations. Stress and anxiety and separation from the mother at birth are not optimal childbirth outcomes and rarely are necessary for a birth that proceeds normally. Certified nurse midwife-attended births are associated with specific benefits in this regard. ...more
Well, Emily! It seems you have a wealth of childbirth experience and are well versed in options ...more

Skin to skin contact between the newborn and mother is more than a ritual.

Skin to skin contact is something that many moms desire to have with their baby after birth. We know it is healthy. We know we want to warm the baby with our body. We want to bring the milk in soon. At almost every birth I attend, moms and babies do enjoy some immediate skin to skin contact....more

Whither 'Tis Nobler To Shun Intervention in Childbirth, Or Just Have The Damn Baby, Whatever It Takes

I'm due to give birth in about three weeks. Possibly sooner, if this massive baby gets his way and manages to punch his way out before then. I'll be giving birth in a hospital, attended by our family doctor, and, yes, there will be drugs. Epidural me, baby. PLEASE. ...more

I had a long labour, and ended up with gas and air, epidural, and a vontouse delivery after 3 ...more