Foodie and Hostess Gifts that are Sure to Please

Want to bring your party hostess something more exciting than the usual potted plant? Have a foodie friend you want to treat?  Here are some exquisite, tasteful gifts that hosts and foodies will appreciate and savor.Hit oil...more

Celebrate Spring with a Tasty Treat (or Three) From Harry & David

It's the first official day of Spring! Celebrate with a mouth watering treat from Harry & David. -PJ Gach...more

10 Fantastic, Tasty + Fun Hostess Gifts to Give (or Keep!)

Need a memorable gift for that big holiday party? Here they are, you'll find gifts for them and their pets too.-PJ Gach  ...more

Six Great Edible Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

Looking for some great edible hostess gift ideas for the upcoming holidays? These ideas are fantastic options, whether you're headed to someone's house for a Thanksgiving or winter holiday feast, or going to visit relatives and don't want to show up empty-handed. Each one of them would be a welcome treat for whoever's welcoming you into their home. ...more
Oh. The cranberries look so pretty!more

Hostess Gift Guide

As we get closer to the holiday season, we start accepting invitations to holiday parties, whether it is a simple nosh get-together or a formal bash. It is always nice – well, recommended, in fact – to arrive with a with a little something-something for the host or hostess. Visit our gift guide for thoughtful gift ideas to make sure that you will be invited back next year. ‘Cause we want you to be popular too....more

Wow your Holiday Hostess with these great Hostess Gifts!

While I know things are tight, your choice of a gift for your holiday host or hostess speaks volumes about you and can be the key to creating a lasting impression with them.  I once had a regular house guest, who would constantly come with a cooler full of food for herself.  At the end of each visit,  she would actually pack her half full milk and other leftovers back into her cooler and take it home!  This is definitely not a good house guest look.  Other guests have turned up completely empty handed!   Still others tend towards the ordinary — a b...more

Post-Christmas Craft Ideas

Tis the day after Christmas And all through the house, The family's recovering: kids, pets and spouse. You pause for a minute When out of the blue You hear those words uttered: "There's nothing to do!" Although the official holiday date has passed, it's likely that your celebrations are going to continue somewhere in the next few days. Meanwhile, you try to recover some of the semblance of normalacy with a house filled with family or friends stopping by. Here are a couple thoughts for the crafter. ...more

Thanks, Crabby!

I'm really looking forward to Kristen's book.  I used to make ...more

Hostess Gifts: 10 ways to say Thank You

I think I got the nicest holiday gifts assignment: A token of appreciation for your lovely hosts. What can be nicer than to look for ways to say, thank you, this was great, please have us over again next year? You probably know your hosts (and your budget) well enough to pick the most appropriate gifts. Here are a few options that do not come to mind easily. The price range is really wide: I've tried to include budget shoppers (like me), and those who can and and are more than willing to splurge. (And a big thank you to my resident shopping expert, my sister-in-law, for sharing her gift ideas with me). ...more

Incredibly original I ideas, I love them all! I especially think that wine bags are making hits ...more