The better blog: self-hosted website or not?

I've always wondered if I should have my own blog hosted independently instead of through Blogger or Wordpress. My tech-savvy friends have been saying I should get my own hosting if I'm serious. The only issue is - and I know you already know this - hosting costs a lot of money.Although I'm exploring the possibility of my blog having its own "house", I don't know if I'm ready to commit to hosting. A web domain, yes. Hosting is another thing!...more

The Sober Girl's Guide To Throwing A Fabulous Party

Over the weekend we hosted our third annual summer party - - a two-night epic extravaganza that includes watching the sun come up, laughing until your face hurts, and dancing in the barn. The only rule: No Kids Allowed. We didn't keep track of official numbers, but my best guess is somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy people, all of whom left their inhibitions (and children) at home to join in the festivities....more

Three Weeks for Four of Us…

 Five years ago, my husband & I set out on a journey that we didn’t think was possible.We played mommy and daddy to a brother and sister for approximately three weeks.They came from another land and traveled many time zones.We started our journey towards adoption; and in our sights were a brother and sister age 8 and 6 years old.We wanted these two:...more

Party Planning

A few small reminders to a perfectionist self when feeling anxious about the impending arrival of friends who have never before visited your house but are coming by tonight: This house is old... very, very old. It will never be perfect, and you know that you like it that way, so embrace it! No, all the pictures still haven't been hung, nor has all the furniture been purchased, nor have all the books been shelved (because we need more shelves). Like life, this home is a work in progress. ...more

Modern Day Hostess: 6 Reasons I'm Not Martha Stewart

She’s had a great run.  An icon to  housewives, wannabe chefs, and talented hostesses alike, Martha Stewart has built a legacy, an empire, and a fortune in the process.  Even an insider trading scandal and five-months in a West Virginia prison could not derail her image or success.  That said, today is a new day.  It’s time for a passing of the torch, a changing of the guard!So I shout it now from the rooftops, these are the reasons why I’m not Martha Stewart, why it’s O.K., and why it’s time for a change!  This is the day of the Modern Day Hostess!–O...more

Wine Tips for Holiday Party Planning

Getting ready for a holiday party should be fun but, with so many things to worry about, it’s not surprising that it can also be stressful. How much ice will you need? How many bottles of wine should you buy and what kinds? There are plenty of details to remember. ...more

Hosting Detox: 5 Tips to Keep you Fresh..and Sane

So you've hosted Thanksgiving, have you?! You've navigated the guests, the surprises, and the blunders, and also taken joy in the food you've prepared and the joy it brought to others.  And now, expectedly enough, you may be exhausted!  You  may also have a round 2 of hosting duties to prepare for (ie: his side of the family today or tomorrow perhaps?), or you are hosting house guests.  No need to fizzle out. I've found that there are little things I can do to help keep me fresh.. and sound in body and mind. ...more
Thanks for the tip, Robin.  There is a farmer's market nearby that I can get some cheeses, but ...more