The Ultimate Cinnamon Velvet Hot Chocolate

We have reached the end of the week and yes it is definitely time for indulgence. As we are well and truly into winter it seemed only right to make what has to be my kids favourite drink and one of mine for that matter....Velvet really is the best way to describe this sensational cinnamon hot chocolate drink which turns any winters day into a bright sunny day!...more

The Best Hot Chocolate in the World

I stopped going to Paris to see landmarks many years ago. There is no doubt I love them, but I have seen them many times and now they are more of a comfort to me than anything else. When I visit Paris now, I see friends and get lost in countless fascinating conversations about life, art, love—and then one other thing—hot chocolate, or chocolate chaud, as they call it in France. ...more


Xocolatl, the wonderful ancient drink of the Aztecs, didn't enjoy the benefit of sugar and vanilla. I tried and enjoyed the original recipe, thick with cocoa powder, bitter and spicy from having a chopped chili pepper mixed in the brew.The hot chocolate recipe was modified after it crossed the ocean, the hot pepper was removed while sugar, cinnamon, milk and vanilla were added to please the European palate. These changes accustomed us with the idea that chocolate by its very nature must be mild and sweet; nothing could be farther from the truth....more

Agave Sweetened Hot Chocolate

Image shot by my husband Rayshan Sanoon - thanks babe!...more



Hot Chocolate Mix, the fast way.

A few months ago I talked about hot chocolate mix. How to make it just right. At least, for my preferences. However, if that seemed too complicated or work-intensive, there is another method that involves no sifting of anything, or grating of chocolate. I do believe that this is one of those things that everyone should have around. It's easy and saves you effort when you least want to put in any, which is when you really need a nice hot chocolate the most. It will take you about as long to do once as it will to heat up the milk you need anyway - so about two minutes....more
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Mexican Hot Chocolate

 Oh man…we just got back from a glorious vacation. We took some time and headed west to visit our chickies in California. What a treat! ...more

A Walk in the Park & Real Hot Chocolate

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordWe are in the midst of winter in the UK, but you wouldn’t know it. As of mid-January, we have barely had a frost and I can still wear my summer shoes (one of the up-sides!). I even saw daffodils – the colourful harbinger of spring – coming up yesterday, one just about to bloom its bright yellow flowers. This is not right....more

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix Tis the season for nommie recipes and this homemade hot cocoa mix is so easy, you'll never buy the prepackaged mess again! Hot Cocoa 10 cups dry milk powder (or one 1 pound box)4 3/4 cups powdered sugar1 3/4 cups unsweetened cocoa powder1 3/4 cups powdered non-dairy creamer In a large mixing bowl (I used two large bowls for easier mixing), combine milk powder, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and creamer. Stir till thoroughly combined. I Used a large whisk......more

Peppermint Hot Chocolate...a holiday tummy warmer

The perfect holiday treat for kids and adults...peppermint (or Schnapps) infused hot chocolate to take off the chill, put you in the mood, or a not so decadent way to satisfy a sweet tooth.