The Hair Cut From HELL

I just wanted to give my kid a haircut....more

Suburban gangsta Nick Carter fights ‘Face of Meth’ Aaron Carter

Nick Carter throws a bitch fit after brother Aaron disturbed his rest by dancing and playing music loudly in an episode of the canceled Carter family reality series House of Carters. MTV’s Clutch blog did a round up of the 7 Totally Ridiculous Reality TV Cat Fights and listed the brotherly blowout among a haul of other hot mess moments in reality tv....more

We Want to See Your Holiday Hot Mess

Ding, dong! Company's here! Have you hidden your dirty socks in the oven yet? We know the economy's in the tanker and nobody has money for a pre-holiday cleaning service or even an extra stainless-steel garbage can to house all that discarded wrapping paper. You know what? We love you, anyway. So throw another catalog on the fire and gather close, because it's time now to have some fun. Over the next three weeks, we invite you to photograph your house at its worst. And we mean WORST. ...more

So fun when it's someone ELSE'S hot mess. Just like a potato chip, Bossy can't pick just one ...more