Labour Day Long Weekend- Friday August 31st, 2012

I love long weekends. Nothing really has to get done because not very many places are open. I guess that kind of defeats the purpose of us (Canadians) having Labour Day (Monday, September 3rd). Oh well, I labour all week & most weekends, so I'm not feeling guilty....more

Some Randomness on a Friday

As I sit around on this gloomily dark and rainy Friday morning/afternoon, (in my pajamas of course) I think it is a good time to share a few random tidbits from my week of Funemployment (which lasts until July 5 so not done yet!). I did not do a whole lot, but I think that's kinda good, right? Here are some snapshots of things that actually did happen this week: ...more

Fearless Fridays - Hot Weather Running Tips

© Eli Brunson The weather has been hot, sticky and humid for the last few days. That's great if you can sit poolside or on your deck with a lemonade in hand, but what if running is part of your daily routine? You might be wondering how you can run in this weather. Here are a few of my tips for running in the heat. Hot weather running tips ...more

How 7 Movies & TV Shows Can Keep Kids Cool During HOT Weather

Hot summer months not only raise temperatures but these as well:Risk for heat exhaustion or stroke, and electricity bills.What if I told you there are ways to stay cool without switching the aircondition on?Skeptical?Don’t be.Here are simple ways to cool down the kiddos. Of course, in true Green Eggs & Moms style, we’re doing it the FUN way by using movie and TV references as well as creativity.7 Movies & TV shows that can cool down your kids1. Matrix...more

How to Dress Like It's Fall When the Weather is Stuck on Summer

This fall, more than falls past, I'm digging what I'm seeing in stores. The prints are to my taste, many of the cuts are flattering, but there's one problem. Just looking at the chunky knits and multiple layers in these outfits is making me sweat....more

Except for special occasions, I rarely wear more jewelry than my beloved pearl earrings all ...more

Summer is Here

Thankful for a beautiful summer in full swing now. ...more

Cucumber Tomato Salad

I do not like salads.  There, I said it!  You will not find many salad recipes on this site because I simply do not enjoy eating them most of the time.  I really feel like I am eating rabbit food.  It’s the whole lettuce thing.  If I do eat a side salad with my dinner, I use an herb mix of greens because I really hate lettuce salads (even Romaine!).  I’ve tried all kinds of recipes, all kinds of toppings and all kinds of dressings and I really cannot get behind a salad way of life.  If you are a salad lover, I consider you an exotic and ...more