Baked Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wings

Yesterday I thought that it would be a great day for some buffalo wings, given the frigid temperatures and snow outside. Our family typically enjoys buffalo wings on Sunday evenings for football, unfortunately the games were all earlier in the day, but what’s to say we still couldn’t enjoy them?! This is one of my husband and kid’s favorite meal that I make. Needless to say, buffalo wings typically aren’t very healthy. Not that these are healthy, but better for you than your average fried buffalo wing....more

Recipe Monday - Tangy Wings

If you want to make wings, but you don't want the mess of hot sauce, this alternative is amazing! I'm going to make them a lot more often.Great for parties! I mixed the ingredients in a bag, then tossed in the wings. Threw them in the oven, turning once. Delicious. So much less work than my fried hotwing extravanganzas....more

Recipe Monday - Buffalo Wings Made at Home

There are hot wings and there are hot wings, and these come out smashing if you've got the time to prepare them. I make them for dinner sometimes, but they're best made for the big game, to be honest!...more