Chicago Happenings

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I am a little bitter Sunday is already here....more

Ode to Hot Power Yoga

I can't intelligently explain why I love to practice hot yoga and to drip, drip, drip like a leaky faucet - it just feels so good. But yoga is more than just physically feeling good, even more wonderful is mentally feeling good. I started practicing yoga over 30 years ago when I quit smoking. Originally I started the practice to avoid packing on weight when I quit smoking and it worked. As I continued with the practice(I took a class a week and practiced an hour at home every day) I found that not only was I feeling physically changed but mentally changed....more

Hot yoga

Nobody told me hot yoga was code for torture. Every muscle in my body aches and I’ve only been four times. Granted 4 times in the last 6 days, plus my runs…..because if you can’t completely and insanely overdo something, where’s the fun?Last Wednesday night my sister-in-law L sent me a text’ “Hey, let’s do hot yoga tomorrow. Class is at 10:00 AM.” Naturally I said yes. How hard could it be? I run....more

Sweating Like a Mother

I have always been athletic; I played every sport a girl could play in high school and I also played intramurals in college, though I’ll admit that this endeavor was more to forge out time to hang with the cute fraternity coaches than out of an undying love for, say, yardball. I was fortunate to have pregnancies wherein I gained a manageable amount of weight which my babies then proceeded to nurse off in the first few months. Overall, until I hit the big 4-0, I’ve been one of those lucky gals who didn’t need to fret about physique....more

If a Buddhist Monk and A Summer Day in Costa Rica Made a Baby

We like it. Hot Yoga that is. Me+: ...more
I have done Moksha several times as well. My goal is to do hot yoga one a week...but usually ...more

Yoga Therapy

I'm late. What's new? I'm late to everything these days. I haven't slept well in months (thanks to a certain non-sleeping baby) and yet, I look like I just rolled out of bed. Then again, I always look like that these days. I can't think about that now. I have to go, I have to do this. So what if it's been a long time? I'll be alright. Right?Shit, I'm nervous....more

Hot Yoga :Part 2

Who would think that a class in hot yoga would be so traumatic? Cece is still recovering from that one and only class....more

The Sea of Body Fluids that is Hot Yoga!

Cece’s  friend Stephanie invited her to attend a yoga studio where they do hot yoga.  Cece knew better!  But when Stephanie told her that they had a warm and gentle class and Cece looked online and it was only 85 degrees, she decided to give it a try!...more
Thanks Victoria! Yeah...I tried to be Zen about it, but to no avail. i was never a germ a ...more

Hot Yoga. Hot Body

Recently I’ve become obsessed with Hot yoga (also known as Bikram Yoga).  Wikepediadescribes Hot Yoga as yoga exercises performed in hot and humid temperatures.  I currently attend the Funky Buddah Yoga Hothouse in my city, but it seems intimidating to everyone I ask to join me.Did you know that hot yoga, aside from being the best hour and fifteen minutes of my day, has many health benefits?...more

The Smell of Papaya (Code for Stinky Feet)

My friend Grace, recently, gave me the gift of warmth, relaxation, and the smell of Papaya.  It was one of those gifts which you smile and kindly say, thank you!  But at the same time  thinking  - Dear God! You are going to make me self reflect in 90 minutes of silence doing  Bikram Yoga!  How can I get myself out of this? So after many weeks of procrastination and excuses, Grace wrangled me down and dragged me to our first Bikram Yoga class....more