Step Four: Tips & Tricks for House Hunting

*This is the fourth part in the series, You Too Can Buy a House, click here for parts 1-3....more

We Bought a House!!

Yes, oh yes we did! I'm so excited to be sitting here writing this post. We have officially bought a house, or rather entered into a mortgage towards the actual purchase of a house, but let's not worry about those details here. Instead, I want to relish in not only the idea, but the reality that we've bought a house!!...more

Can $290,000 Let You Live Rent-Free?

Rent-Free for $290,000?Posted on March 27, 2014 by

God, grant me the chance to prove money won't change me

God, please grant me the opportunity to prove winning the lottery won't change me. Would I be noble? Would I hop on a plane? Would I tell anyone? My lottery fantasies always involve real-estate. Not as in, a dream property on a beach in the South of France (though, now that I mention it...)...more

Bite Me Home Buyers

Dear Perspective Buyers of Our Home,Hi! Thank you so much for wanting to see our home. Our home has been on the market for some time now, so I just wanted to touch base about a few things that I have noticed....more
LOL -- people are nuts, and it really shows during the house hunting process, doesn't it?   Good ...more