When Walking With Rose Colored Glasses Gets Treacherous

So the mister and I have been doing some renovations in our home. For most couples this can be a tense process; as basically everything you own becomes covered in dust and the tasks that you thought would only take an hour start feeling insurmountable. I'm not gonna lie, I'm vaguely handy so I wasn't entirely surprised when Sir called me out on not pulling my weight. It'd be one thing if I was just hopelessly clueless about what I should be doing or where to start but I can figure it out. I'm just lazy and thought I could get away with it....more

I am just a home wrecker

I can’t hide it… I am a home wrecker…. Don’t judge me. I am not alone. My husband, Marc, is one too… ...more
 @Colyn Martin Boxer shorts / bathing suits... our guys sound like two peas in a pod!  Our room ...more