Out Ya House! Taming Chaos and Busting Clutter

Cleaning up the house is a hot topic these days.  A quickie Google search for “decluttering” netted me 1,600,000 results!  From blogs on consciously Minimalist lifestyles to reassuring guides for women on the go, “Stuff” and what to do with it are on everyone’s minds.It’s hardly surprising.  Every day, we’re surrounded by well-funded and well-crafted messages telling us to be dissatisfied with who we really are and what we do.  And each one of those messages tells us to buy something to fix a made-up problem. ...more

spic and span

spic and span Last week I was building my new sunflower bed outside and this guy walks up, asks if I'm the "lady of the house" (of course, I didn't hear him - he had to yell it over to Mom and my nieces and they "translated" it for me). Heh, heh. "Lady of the house". Why yes, dahhling. Slip me some gloves and give me an iced tea and I'll rock on the 2-foot porch of my "manor". ...more
LOL! Your carpet looks wonderful! But I think I could also spend 2600 on anything but a ...more

"For the Average Servantless Woman"

My husband just had a good laugh at me because I just said (in a growly voice), “We need to hire some staff around here.”  I’m having a Walter Mitty moment, dreaming away, and I’m taking another sip of wine.  Nothing wrong with dreaming right?  Even if it is completely and utterly unrealistic.   I imagine a housekeeper cleaning away the pen ink scribbles on the couch, cracker crumbs on the floor, and mysterious dried food bits all around the kitchen area.  Actually, I take that back.  They are not “mysterious” dried food bits.  It i...more

In praise of New Year’s resolutions: I didn’t keep them, but I’m glad I made them.

Maybe it’s a silly gimmick, but as a retiree I need help keeping track of my time. It’s easy to let the days slip by without doing much of anything....more

Poetry Friday: Thanksgiving According to Ginger Andrews

Anything that one is drawn to say about Ginger Andrews is a going to be a mere piece of the picture. Yes, she cleans houses with her sisters for a living. Yes, she has lived on the trailer side of town while doing for the people in the houses on the hill....more

Tackling the Chaotic Abyss: Step 1

My parents are my best friends. Ever. Since my mom homeschooled me as a kid, she and I are the ones who usually end up having really deep conversations while sitting on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night. My mother, however, is in Disneyland this week (and for that I am incredibly jealous of her), so my dad and I ended up having a long heart-to-heart about friendship, starting over, and housecleaning the other night. Since my conversations with my dad are usually about music and the bizarre people at my church and bad jokes, it was very refreshing. ...more

This is why I used to steer clear of self-help. If you tell me to do x, then darn it I'm going ...more

My Housecleaning Mom-i-festo

I have no idea why the formatting of this post is so wonky...Hope you'll enjoy it anyway! :) It was one of those days. I was weepy, hormonal, cranky, and generally out of sorts. I felt like I was going insane, because I'd been cooped up in the house all day with two rambunctious boys, I had a ton of housework breathing down my neck, AND I could feel a sinus infection coming on. ...more

Enter At Your Own Risk

There’s a never ending battle in my house. On a weekly basis, it’s like pulling teeth just to get my son to accomplish this small chore. You’d think from the fight he puts up, I was asking him to perform a miracle, like parting the Red Sea or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. As much as I love my son, he’s definitely his mother’s child. My parents had the same problem with me as a child. I can’t begin to count how many times they made me sit in my room until it was cleaned. Sure, it got cleaned after a couple of hours, but within a day or two it was back in disarray. ...more

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Open House, Open Heart

I recently posted an entry on my personal blog about my recent struggle with extreme laziness. It was somewhat hard to admit that I’ve been living in total disorder. My clothes are all over my bedroom floor. I have dishes sitting in the sink from Christmas. It’s just a good old-fashioned pigsty around my two-bedroom townhouse. My motivation is gone and the Christmas tree that sits in the corner still in tact is mocking me. ...more

In A Pickle

For several years now I have been making my own housecleaning products or using all natural ones. The fact that my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, at 45 years old, has just ramped up my paranoia about environmental factors which lead to cancer. So, I have accordingly ramped up my efforts to live a more chemical free life. ...more

I used to really like the smell of vinegar. Now, not so much. But still, vinegar and baking ...more