The Cost Of Windsor Living

(Originally published in Windsor Square on January 17, 2012.) ...more

Marmoleum, the Eco-Friendly Flooring: Awarded 3 GREEN PURSES

When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, you might not even know eco-friendly options exist.  But for over 100 years, Forbo has been manufacturing Marmoleum, an  ...more

Every Budget Deserves A Treat

Making a budget, using the budget and sticking to it does not have to be without its perks. ...more

Ten great reasons to unplug your dryer and use a clothesline instead

Cross-Posted at My “Writing Humor” class in Iowa bonded deeply with each other last summer. There’s something about writing, laughing, and nearly drowning together that will do that to people, I suppose. ...more

Mrs. Micah's Financial Overview of August

Mrs. Micah nearly cried at work today when she saw how much we spent in August. So she called Mr. Micah, who was soothing and pointed out that it's less than our income. But now I'm going to post it on here, with comments. ...more

I was scared out of my mind putting together these numbers, but I'm trying to face such fears ...more