Household item clears acne?

I recently started on a new acne regimen, unfortunatley I have yet in my life gone completely wthout acne. It's never be severe but it's always been there. And all of you know exactly what I mean, those pesky whiteheads popping up, along with those red tomatoes. It sucks and it's always going to be there. Thank you hormones! Now I have tried pretty much every acne treatment on the market and a couple of silly DIY treatments. Some have helped, some have only made it worse. It's a never ending story. ...more
Hey, you should REALLY use Aloe. It works wonders!! I actually just made a post about this on ...more

Beyond and better

My husband, Marc, and I needed to pick up some household items, so we headed off to Bed Bath and Beyond to do a little shopping.  The first item on our list was a replacement for our squirting dish brush.  We didn’t see the type we needed on display, so I went off in search of a salesperson for some assistance.  I found a very helpful guy, who immediately went into the storeroom to check for the item. While I waited for him, Marc went to the vacuum section to check out the new Dyson animal vacuum cleaners.  The vacuum section was located right by the storeroom, s...more

Risk Management: Tips for Preventing Choking and What to Do if Someone is Choking

Bed Diving "OK, so Brother can go down head first." That was our first clue we should check to see what the Darling Boys were doing in their room....more

A Case of Minivan Dumping Syndrome

It shouldn't be this hard to keep a two-year-old minivan clean. During the day I either drive to specific errands or stay home. It's not like I drive hundreds of miles each week while eating a Big Mac. It's not like I don't have three kids in full-day school. When I do drive it is just me, until the evenings when I drive my kids to activities. So, why can't I keep my minivan clean? I surveyed my minivan tonight and found the following items on the floor of the minivan: ...more

the people who drive her.

My minivan always looked like that. TW's did too. In fact I ...more