Houseplant Watering 101: How To Avoid Too Much Of A Good Thing

I get asked the question, “How often should I be watering my houseplants?” all the time and there are so many variables that go into that answer. You know, it’s sort of like trying to answer the question, “How often should I wash my hair?” I was an interior plantscaper (which is an interior plant specialist) for years and have lots to share with you on this subject....more
I've killed so many plants! Hopefully that won't happen anymore :)more

Got "chia": The Chia Pet Chronicles

I have been slacking big time on getting posts out in a timely manner. It just hasn't been happening because Life happens.  Work, kids, family, etc. Lots going on, and that's not a bad thing! We did finally get some snow this week. I live north of the city, and we never get anywhere near the lake effect snow that the city and south towns get. It really does depress me, because I like to play outside in the snow! Oh well, we are forecasted to get some starting tomorrow, so here's hoping for a few inches!...more

When the Days Begin to Lengthen...

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My plants are getting too big for my house!


Plant a Terrarium...It's Like a Blast from the Past, Man!

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Along with daisy stickers, peasant blouses and macrame, terrariums invoke a certain nostalgia in aging flower children like more at

Go Green: Self-Watering Systems for Houseplants

Plants make wonderful indoor companions. Of course they are pretty to look at, but they also offer health benefits by adding oxygen into the air. Remember how proud you were of your bean plant in a paper cup (or mini milk carton) that you grew from a seed way back in kindergarten? ...more