Little things, they say so much

The doorbell rang, and I quickly ran downstairs to answer it.  As I expected, it was the sushi we ordered for dinner.  The delivery girl handed me the food and the bill.  As I was signing the credit card receipt, she crocked her head to the side, and pointed.  “Decoration?” she asked. I followed her gaze....more
@victorias_view or one of those months :) it does really help!more

Take Note

In January when my husband Marc and I went to Florida, we decided to make caring for Alex, our cat, a little easier for my neighbors. We moved one of his five litter boxes out of the spare bedroom where we normally keep, it and closed the bedroom door, so they only had to worry about checking four boxes. Marc made sure to tell Alex's caregivers about this change....more

How Do You Sleep At Night, Homeowners? No, Really; I'm Totally Serious.

A few years ago, we briefly toyed with the idea of purchasing a house. I have literally no idea how it happened, but one day, we were like, "Grown-ups ... buy ... houses. Yes? Right?" and the next day we were half-heartedly strolling through a series of homes. One had a purported "wine cellar" that, to us, looked much more like a lair in which a young lady might be urged to apply lotion on her skin, lest she get the hose again. There was no wine. NO WINE AT ALL. Only fear and mildew. ...more

Dogs. Very large slobbery dogs. I have 4 since we live on 100 acres out in the middle of ...more

Protecting your home investment

As a Realtor, I often see families having trouble making their house payment.  I have also witnessed what this does to the parents but also the strong negative impact to the children involved.  Soon, everyone is afraid to answer the phone because of the dunning tactics of mortgage companies.  Mailboxes are flooded with default correspondence.  ...more