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5 Things No One Tells You About Being a Housewife

So you're a housewife, are you? Well, welcome to the club! Free cool-aid and cookies for everyone! Or not. But before you break out the champagne and celebrate your new found freedom from the monotony of work life, here's a few things to keep in mind that no one really tells you till after you've already quit your job:...more

Lucy, I'm home!


Motherhood Is No Excuse: Why I Don't Want a Uterus-Appointed Pass Card

All month I’ve not only dropped the ball, but put it in the freezer, forgot about it, then accused the neighbor of stealing it. Here is just a brief recap of my mishaps, although I’m sure I’m forgetting one....more
Just because your SIL never TOLD you she hit herself in the head with a pyrex dish, doesn't mean ...more

Think You're a Stay-at-Home-Mom? Nope! Wikipedia Says You're a Housewife!

Words matter. A lot. The difference between “leak-proof” and “leak-resistant” could mean nothing, or it could mean a kid sitting in a puddle of pee because you picked the wrong diaper cover. That’s why we pick our words (and diaper covers) carefully. So consider this little tidbit from Wikipedia: If you search for “stay-at-home dad,” you will be taken to this page, titled, not surprisingly, “Stay-at-home dad.” Now search for “stay-at-home mom.” Go ahead. I’ll wait. You will land on this page, titled, “Housewife.” It doesn’t even use the words “stay-at-home mom” in the article until the very end....more
I'm happy you are potentially interested in editing Wikipedia!  I am currently working with the ...more

Inspiration's Home Place

What constitutes a person of true inspiration?Is it someone who works tirelessly for the benefit of others? Is it someone who thinks of others before themselves? Is it a person who accepts what life places in one's hands and makes the best of that gift?...more

The Way I Live

Besides family, the most important things to me are health and wealth. Because health and wealth are imposible to be exaggerated. The car I drive is 11 years old, but has maintained properly. The clothes I shop are on sale. The oldest clothes I have were shopped in 25 years ago, but still look nice. The meats I buy are cheaper parts. The vegetable and fruits I buy are on season or on sale, but still fresh. If the toys for my kid are above $12, I will consider for a while. I paid my credit card on tim...more

Last Week in the Working World

Its hard to believe that tomorrow begins my last week at work.  I've worked since I was a teenager.  In my 20's I began a 10 year career as a bartender.  After that, my interest turned to the fitness field.  I've worked in a few different states and even in England.  Its hard to believe I won't have the responsibility any more.  What will I do with myself? I will be able to get all the stuff at home done that I stress over not having the time to do.  I can FINALLY take my writing seriously and actually finish some projects to submit....more

Best wishes on your new adventure

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New Website

I have been rebuilding my website: www.thefamousstacie.comand I am ready to announce it to the world! I am going to move my sewing and cooking projects over there and keep daily life, kiddos and some crafts etc... here. I am hoping my website can link all my places together: YouTube, Twitter, Zazzle, Create Space and Blogger into one nice neat package! Please come visit me at the all New