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iNeed a Playdate's Ultimate House Cleaning Playlist

Happy Housewife Day!No, I am not a housewife....more
PardonMyRandomness I really need a hug playlist too. Maybe that will be next!more

Men aren't children or horses

Everyone who knows me knows that in our household, D is the main cook. He’s brilliant AND passionate about it....more

How to Stop 'Why'ning

'Why' is a spiky, sharp, penetrating word; a word  that can stop you in your tracks. A question containing 'why' is rarely welcome unless you are a philosopher, (and everyone knows how annoying they are. Socrates was sentenced to death for asking 'why' one time too many). Young children, being natural philosophers, often ask why....more

A Friendly Vocab Refresher for Our Children

To Our Beloved Children: As your parents and first educators, it is our job to make sure you understand the meaning of things. Lately, we've noticed that there are some terms you seem to be confused about, so we wanted to help clear things up. We've gone over these definitions at least several billion dozen times, but since repetition doesn't seem to be doing the trick, we thought some visual aids might help. Ready? Okay. ...more
I love this! I will be sharing this with my children in hopes that they will grasp some of the ...more

The Tao of Tidying Up

My husband has been in Texas for the last 9 days, on a (work related) adventure. He returns tomorrow, at 8am. My first reaction to this is, should I shave my legs in honour of this occasion? My second: should I tidy the house? I am not a naturally tidy person. Although I like the house to be clean and to smell fresh, and am prepared to don rubber gloves and wield a wet cloth to this end, tidying gives me no satisfaction. In fact, it hurts my brain....more

What Will My Excuse Be Now?

Well, what am I going to do now? When I get home from work at 6pm, can I no longer plonk myself in front of the laptop with a glass of wine, while the husband makes dinner and the kids watch TV, and tap out my random musings, saying‘Yes, yes, I’m coming, five more minutes, I just need to post this first…’?...more

Friday Review

I have had the day off work today. I planned to watch a film, and thought I would write a review for this blog, but I didn’t manage to see a film and so ‘Friday Review’ means that I am reviewing Friday, the Day (and I warn you I have had a glass of wine already, and nothing to eat since breakfast).So. Friday. Not a bad day....more

Men, Women, and Housework: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A lot has changed since America began its long recovery from that weird time we call “The Fifties.”  In those days, the ideal marriage consisted of a perfectly gendered division of labor. A husband worked a full day for pay, but enjoyed an evening of pure leisure; his wife tended to the house and children, supported by the soft cushion of his income.  ...more
lisawade Now if you were to ask me if those housecleaners had English as their first language I ...more

Housework is a 4-letter word

Day 2 of the Great Cleanup of 2012 is set to begin in 5-4-3-2…. did I tell you about the time I procrastinated so much that …………………….Oh, right – housework. Why don’t I just self-flagellate while I’m at it? It’s clear how I feel about cleaningand it’s spelled f-u-t-i-l-e....more